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Umbilicoplasty is a procedure that changes the appearance of your belly button. It was originally used to treat umbilical hernias in infants. In recent years, it’s become a popular cosmetic surgery. The goal of umbilicoplasty is to give the bellybutton a more vertical shape instead of a horizontal one. It’s usually considered by women after pregnancy or people who have scarring from an old belly button piercing.

Umbilicoplasty after pregnancy

It’s common for the shape of your bellybutton to change during pregnancy. While a female is pregnant, the belly button might appear stretched. Following the pregnancy, she might notice the belly button looking shorter and wider than it did before. In some cases, the tissue of the belly button can fuse as the body heals after pregnancy, leaving a protruding belly button. Umbilicoplasty can help the belly button look more like it did before pregnancy. However, the procedure won’t change the appearance of any other part of the stomach.

Umbilicoplasty for a piercing scar

Sometimes an old belly button piercing, or a piercing that the body rejects, can leave a scar that affects the belly button's appearance. Depending on where the scar is, umbilicoplasty may help. If the scar is located on the small ring of skin surrounding the belly button, or in the indentation of the belly button, umbilicoplasty may be an effective option. However, if the scar is anywhere else, including slightly above the belly button, a scar revision procedure might be a better option. This involves using topical treatments or surgery to reduce the appearance of a scar. These procedures are often less expensive and invasive than umbilicoplasty.


Physically, a person does not need to do much to prepare for an umbilicoplasty procedure. However, if they smoke, they’ll likely need to quit at least a month before the procedure to reduce your risk of complications. The surgeon may also advise stopping to take certain medications or supplements in the weeks or days leading up to the surgery. If they’re going to be under general anesthesia, they also need to avoid eating anything in the hours leading up to the surgery.


Umbilicoplasty procedures can be done in an office or hospital setting. Depending on the extent of the procedure and preference,

Next, the surgeon removes any extra skin around the belly button. Depending on the results one wants, they may trim its angles to appear either higher or lower than it did before the procedure. Once everything’s in place, they use stitches to hold everything together while the belly button heals. The entire procedure should take less than an hour.

Navel Reconstruction

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A cosmetic surgical procedure to change the size, position, and shape of the Belly Button is called Navel Reconstruction or Belly Button rejuvenation. Mainly, your genes determine the look of your belly button at your birth time, but it also depends on how the doctor has cut your umbilical cord at birth. Usually, once the umbilical cord is cut, the scar stays in the hole, making the belly button an "innie". However, if the belly button is stretched out as it does in some people, it is usually called an "outie".

This procedure is most common among youth nowadays who are not satisfied with their navel positioning. It’s trending considerably now as people hear it more.

When you wear swimsuits, crop tops, or even tight clothes, the appearance of your belly button bothers your self-confidence if you are not comfortable with it. Most often you are not okay with being intimate or having piercings if it bothers you so better go for this surgery and gain your self-confidence and do all these things freely.

Why choose Belly Button surgery?
  • You are not satisfied with the belly button and want to change its position, size, shape, or outline. This may require shifting its position to a position that you think is more attractive, removing the "outie", reducing the depth or size of the "innie", or reshaping the deformed belly button.
  • If you have gained or lost a lot of weight then your belly button shape changes. Weight gain stretches the skin around the abdominal buttons, while weight loss may stretch the skin into horizontal long skin folds.
  • If the hernia causes the umbilical cord to bulge, your belly button may look deformed and unattractive. Umbilical cord hernia sometimes occurs during a life or after a woman becomes pregnant or after childbirth due to increased pressure in the area. These can be corrected by implicit incisional umbilical hernia repair.

The surgical process is performed under local anesthetic to numb the abdominal area. The kind of surgery depends on your surgeon’s preference and your requirements on how you want the change.

  • If you request that the "outie" be made into an "innie" (which is obviously what most people tend to demand), your surgeon may use the internal suture under the belly button to shape the desired contour. If you request an overall reduction in size, you may remove the belly button, reshape and re-sew it to get the desired size and proportions.
  • If there is scar tissue to be removed, the skin will be sutured again after removal to obtain a better appearance. If you want to reposition the belly button, the usual procedure is to remove a strip of skin from the abdomen and pull the belly button in the desired direction. In almost all cases, your surgeon will cut the skin inside your belly button to minimize the scars that result.

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After Surgery
  • A light dressing to be applied immediately after the surgery.
  • Most people return home a few hours after the surgery is done and these will be mild pain and bruising.
  • Usually, there are no scars as it is hidden under the belly button.
  • You can return to work in a week or so if you don’t have any physical work.
  • Avoid piercing, wearing tight clothes for a few weeks as it can distort the outcome of the surgery and can cause infection.

Belly Button Creation

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People go through various cosmetic surgeries or reconstruction surgeries of the abdomen and usually, a normal-looking umbilicus (belly button) is distorted and loses its shape. The belly is a very important part to maintain a torse and it gets deformed or sometimes gets removed altogether. These procedures can also cause skin loosening, stretch marks, and many other issues with body contour. It can be drastically changed with pregnancy, major weight loss/gain, and umbilical hernias.

We are living in an era of technological advances and there have been some technological treatments to recreate the belly button too. Recreating the Belly Button procedure involves different forms, surgeons alter the patient’s size, shape, and formation of a navel. When a new belly button is crafted, the procedure is called Neoumbilicoplasty.

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