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Breast Implants

Breast Enlargement/Augmentation Surgery Clinic in Delhi, Kolkata & Manipur by Best Surgeon

This section of breast cosmetic surgery will deal with breast implants. Breast implants are medical aids used for augmenting the internal structure of the breast to give an enhanced and better shape. Breast implant surgery is very popular in US and South American countries. The popularity of breast implant procedure is increasing in India. Inadequate breast development, congenital (by birth) malformation, breast asymmetry (unequal breast sizes), post pregnancy breast volume loss, surgical removal of breast (mastectomy), etc are the main reasons due to which women commonly suffer from low self esteem, depression, social anxiety, peer rejection and psychosexual dysfunction.

How We Perform Best Breast Augmentation or Enlargement Surgery
There are several ways to augment your beast; all of them are unique in their own qualities. However, based on your wish and our assessment, we could decide best option for you. Dr Sajal Halder at Orange Tree Aesthetic Centre is one the best surgeons in Delhi, Manipur and Kolkata, will explain the popular approaches available with us. For all this implant procedures, a small surgical incision is made (healed incision marks are not visible) at the bottom of your breast or armpit or navel or at the edge of areola, the implants are placed below your pectoral muscles or mammary glands. Using suitable manipulation, the plastic surgeon fixes it appropriately on you to get the desired cosmetic results. An implant available for breast augmentation surgery varies from saline filled breast implants to silicones. Let us see the major types available among them.
Saline Breast Implants:
In this procedure the implants are filled with sterile saline. It has been approved by US-FDA for best breast augmentation in women (older than 18 years). Structured saline breast implants are the other kind of implants in the class. They are structured and filled with sterile saline water. The inner structure has been made to give more a natural feel.
Silicone Breast Implants:
Silicone breast implants are made up of with silicone gel which is bio-compatible and US FDA approved for woman aged 22 years or older. Gummy bear breast implants are the variants in this class. They are highly cohesive silicone gel (fifth generation) breast implants approved by US-FDA, which are almost exclusively anatomic or shaped implants.
Shape of the Implants:
Round breast implants have a propensity to make breasts appear fuller than form stable implants (tear drop shaped). Higher profile options can achieve even more projection. However, tear drop shaped implant looks more natural. Smooth breast implants give a softest feeling in which they move along with the implant pocket like natural movement. Textured breast implants develop scar tissue to stick to the implant, this process make them lesser vulnerable to move around inside the implant pocket of the breast and become repositioned. Although, there are several types and shapes, you don't have to be confused that which one you choose. Each one of them is known to have its merits and demerits.

Before choosing the implants suitable for your breast augmentation, a comprehensive clinical assessment is essential. Based on your body type, how much of breast tissue exists in your body, placement of implant and incision site, all related issues will be briefed to you by your plastic surgeon in detail for its anticipated recovery following cosmetic breast surgery. Based on his/her recommendation you are allowed to take a decision. The breast implant or breast enlargement procedure is done as a day care case and you can be discharged the same day evening. After the breast enlargement treatment process, you are required to continue regular follow-ups to ensure the safety of the implant over a period of time.
Breast Implant Post Surgery Follow Up
As the procedure is done under general anaesthesia, you have to stay in our clinic at Delhi, Kolkata and Manipur at least 5-6 hrs following the breast implant surgery. Overnight stay in the Orange Tree aesthetic centre is optional. First follow up visit is on 3rd day. The dressing is removed and the stitch line is checked. As we use absorbable stitches, there is no need of stitch removal. You will feel heaviness in the operated site and the pain is managed with analgesics. We advise not to lift heavy objects or weight. Strenuous activity should also be avoided for around a week. Initially the silicone implant might look to be slightly in the upper aspect but time it comes down a bit to give nice breast silhouette.

Frequently Asked Questions
Size and type of breast implant depends on the built of the patient and the breast size. At Orange Tree, we generally use implant sizes varying from 250-450 cc depending on the individual need.
The silicone implant is either placed underneath the gland or the muscle. So the breast gland and its ducts are not affected with the surgery. So you can safely breast feed your baby following breast implant surgery.
Breast implant surgery is a safe and gratifying procedure. A minor group of patients can have capsular contracture in the long run (around 10 yrs) which might require a change of implant.