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Female Hair Transplant

Hair transplant for women is not as common as for men. Unlike the balding pattern that is observed in men, the thinning in pattern alopecia in females is centripetally thinning in the vertex area. The hairline is preserved in the majority. But hair loss in women or thinning of hair is very agonizing.

  • Patterned hair loss with significant thinning in the vertex area almost involving the hairline.
  • High hairline which may be idiopathic or with advancing age with receding hairline .
  • Traction alopecia which is mainly attributed to excessive pull on the hair shaft due to hair styling.
  • Trichotillomania – caused by obsessive compulsive disorder of pulling out one owns hair.
  • Stable alopecia areata or cicatricial alopecia.
  • Other causes such as post burn alopecia, post radiotherapy.

The first two causes of pattern alopecia and high hairline constitute the bulk of hair transplant for women.

The technique used for hair transplant for women can be the strip technique or the Direct FUE method. The primary goal is to achieve a good density and natural-looking hairline.

Hair transplant for women does bring about a dramatic change in looks and hair styling can be done easily in different ways. making it much easier.

Hair transplant for women needs a little more surgical finesse and therefore should be done by an expert, hair transplant surgeon such as the best surgeons at Orange Tree health clinic. In Delhi, Kolkata, and Manipur, Orange tree aesthetic center is routinely doing hair transplant for women with excellent results.