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Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a popular cosmetic injecting therapy. This is due to its ability to use your platelet-rich blood cells to naturally activate the skin and repair signs of aging. Platelets are a rich source of growth factors and these growth factors released from the platelets cause the anti-aging effect. PRP is a very safe process as you are using your cells without adding any foreign products and is getting popular for decades.

It is the process in which the client’s platelet-rich plasma is injected back into the skin to accelerate the natural production of collagen and elastin to improve the skin. The plasma contains growth cells and helps rejuvenate the skin.


Local anesthesia is applied to the treated area and then our surgeon will take your blood sample. Then the blood sample is spun for a few minutes to separate plasma from other blood particles. The platelet-rich plasma is then reinjected into the treatment area to stimulate collagen.


  • It can improve skin texture and tone.
  • Reduce fine lines and scars.
  • Plasma makes skin better and gives a more radiant complexion.

Who is it for?

PRP is perfect for those who are concerned that any area of ​​the skin will start to lose its elasticity and volume. This is also an efficient way to stimulate human cells to produce new healthy skin, and it is very effective for the fragile areas under the eyes. In this area, customers often notice signs of aging first and cannot use lasers. It can also be used to enhance the structural integrity and health of the skin, especially the skin that has suffered more sun damage over the years. PRP for hair loss, hair thinning, wrinkles, facial anti-aging, and wound care are the most common sought after procedures. Our specialists will guide you and treat you with the utmost safety and effective results. We are known as the best cosmetology clinic in South Delhi. We use the latest machines and medication and our service is top-notch. Consult Orange Tree for more understanding about the surgery and we will help you master the art of your body.