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Botox Treatment In Delhi


The initial changes noticeable with facial aging are wrinkles and folds. Prominent wrinkles are also of big concern when it's prominent with facial expressions. Wrinkles can present as forehead lines which are horizontal lines visible with upward gaze. Wrinkle around the side of the eye is referred to as crow's feet and it appears more prominent with smiles. Frown lines occur between the eyebrows.

Bunny lines appear in the upper sidewall of the nose. Prominent wrinkles also appear around the lips. Cosmetic use of Neurotoxin is mainly targeted on the muscle of facial expression and the muscles of mastication. Neurotoxin or botulinum toxin is the treatment of choice to treat these wrinkles. Different formulations of botulinum neurotoxin are available in the market. Botulinum toxin acts not only on muscle but also on autonomic nervous pathways. This is the reason why Neurotoxin is also used successfully in conditions such as hyperhidrosis and gustatory sweating. Neurotoxin is also used to narrow the prominent wide lower face. It is injected into the masseter muscle and thereby weakening and softening of the muscle is achieved. It is also called masseter hypertrophy treatment.


Neurotoxin is marketed as 50 or 100 units vial and it is reconstituted with saline. The treatment area is numbed with topical anesthetic cream. The Neurotoxin dose is customized and generally varies from person to person. The injection pain is very minimal. The Neurotoxin injection for crow's feet, frown lines, forehead lines, bunny lines, perioral lines and others should be done by an expert cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. The best cosmetologist should strive to achieve a natural anti aging result and not a masked face. Fine wrinkles on the face can be treated with Neurotoxin microinjections. Wide lower face can also be contoured or chiseled with the use of Neurotoxin. Neurotoxin weakens the muscle in masseter hypertrophy resulting in a chiseled appearance. The other uses of Neurotoxin injections are chin puckering, neck bands, hyperhidrosis in the axilla and palms. Neurotoxin treatment is also very useful in treating gummy smiles, droopy angles of mouth and wide lower face. Neurotoxin treatment for neck bands, hyperhidrosis should be done in incremental doses to achieve the best Neurotoxin result and avoid the unusual side effects of Neurotoxin.

Neurotoxin treatment for masseter hypertrophy, axillary hyperhidrosis, palmar hyperhidrosis, and neck bands should be incremental so that the dose of Neurotoxin is optimum and side effects are minimized.

Follow up and Side Effects

Best Neurotoxin injection treatment is done as an office procedure. After Neurotoxin injection, you will be advised to avoid face wash for 4-6hrs, avoid massage of the face and strenuous sports. The best result following Neurotoxin is visible after 5-7 days. If Neurotoxin for wrinkles treatment is done by an expert cosmetologist, the side effects are almost rare. In rare cases patients can complain of headache and ptosis following Neurotoxin injections. Temporary weakness in the facial movement is a rare post Neurotoxin treatment side effect for lower face and perioral wrinkles. There have been reported cases of temporary swallowing difficulty following Neurotoxin injection for neck bands treatment. The Neurotoxin result stays for 4-6 months after which the Neurotoxin injections are repeated.

Neurotoxin molecules are administered with very fine insulin syringes. The pain is a mild pinching type of pain. In case you are too sensitive to pain, we can numb the area with local anaesthetic cream.
The procedure takes around 10-15mins to complete
You will get the best Neurotoxin result between 3-7days time. Result of Neurotoxin treatment done at the best cosmetology centre will last upto 5-6 months
Side effects of Neurotoxin are almost none if done by an expert and experienced plastic surgeon or Dermatologist. The uncommon side effects following Neurotoxin treatment are ptosis, unequal brow position and loss of expressions.
You will have pin point reddish dot at the injection site which will disappear within 24 hrs
You should not wash your face for 6 hours. You should avoid rubbing and massage for the next 48 hours