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Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation Surgery – The Best Way to Get Dimples on Cheek

Cheek dimples is a naturally occurring depression or groove in the cheek. It is a mark of beauty and really adds to the overall demeanour of a male or female. It's also adds cuteness and charm to the facial beauty. Many celebrities in Bollywood – Priety Zinta, Deepika Padukone, Shahrukh Khan are blessed with nice looking dimples. The types of dimple are of different type such as a pinpoint dimple, circular dimple or a long vertical dimple. The anatomy of dimple formation is based on the underlying muscle of the face which is split and the cheek skin is pulled in when two strips of muscle contracts. Making of a best dimple or dimple creation is not uncommon in our cosmetic surgery clinic.

How We Perform Best Dimple Creation Surgery

We will give details of the best dimple surgery by our best facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Halder will mark the point of dimple on the cheek. Another important point of consideration is the type of dimple the person desires- circular or long. It is equally important to know if one wants to have a static dimple or a dynamic dimple. Static dimple is present without any facial movement. Dynamic dimple shows only when the muscle of face contracts with movement.


The dimple cosmetic surgery or dimple creation surgery is done under local anesthesia. Local Anesthesia is given inside the mouth in the mucosa. The mucosa is stabbed and with meticulous dissection the muscle is dissected form the overlying skin. Different manoeuvre is done to let the mucosa adhere to the skin dermis creating a gap in muscle. This mimics a naturally occurring gap or split in the muscle. The swelling subsides in 10-14 days and best dimple shows up. We feel that dimple surgery should be done only after careful assessment and evaluating the face in totality.

It's very difficult question to answer. You have to understand that not all face will look good with dimples. If you are in doubt, get dimple on one cheek first before getting the second one in the other cheek.
The dimple surgery is done from inside the mouth. So there is no external scar after the surgery.
The dimple sometimes can get less defined with weight gain thereby increase in fat deposit in the cheeks.