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Non-Surgical Fat Loss Treatment

Non-Surgical Fat Loss Treatment clinic in Delhi

Non-surgical fat loss, also known as non-invasive body contouring, is a procedure that uses special equipment to control surgery for small amounts of fat. Currently, there are two types of equipment used for non-surgical fat removal: ultrasound and cold energy or cryolipolysis. Coolsculpting is a popular cryolipolysis machine. Both allow outpatient treatment, which effectively and continuously reduces fat and enhances body contours.

You should consider non- surgical fat loss treatment, if you are struggling to resist excess fat in your diet and exercise plan 0r fat accumulation on your abdomen, belly, back or thighs is not ideal, but the amount is limited. Also, if you want to get the trimmer look without getting surgery, this is the perfect option. If you are healthy and have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, then you are probably the ideal candidate for this surgery.

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According to your needs, we will recommend one of these body contouring procedures:

  • Usually, no medication is required.
  • Your treatment area is marked by the surgeon.
  • The technician applies a thin layer of gel on the skin.
  • Then, the ultrasound transducer head moves over the treatment area. The same area may be processed multiple times.
  • Your session may last from half an hour to several hours.
Cryolipolysis (also called "fat freezing")
  • The fat area is sucked into the handpiece between the two metal plates and then slowly cooled.
  • The current treatment guideline is 1 hour per site.
Aftercare and Recovery

You may notice temporary skin redness, swelling, and numbness in the treatment area, but these side effects usually disappear quickly. Some patients (especially those with a larger treatment range) may benefit from oral painkillers. Be sure to follow all patient care instructions provided by the surgeon. You will be able to resume work immediately and resume normal activities. Within one to two months after the operation, you will see significant fat loss in the treated area.