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Burn Care


Burn care is mainly divided into two major groups of patient care. The first big group is an acute burn injury. An acute Burn injury can happen due to a variety of reasons such as thermal, scald, acid, or electrical. a large area burn injury requires a bigger hospital set up with ICU back up. A small burn injury requires supportive medical treatment and wound dressings.

Place the skin graft on the area of ​​the body where the skin has been lost. Common reasons for skin grafting include:

If you have a serious wound, such as a burn, that restricts your mobility, causes loss of feeling, or looks unsightly, you can choose plastic surgery. If the wound is heavy, debridement may be required, that is, the dead tissue is removed before reconstructive surgery.

The significant progress made in the past few decades has greatly improved the care of burn patients, so it seems more difficult to significantly increase survival rates in the future. Research on stem cells, transplantation, biomarkers, inflammation control, and rehabilitation will continue to improve personalized care and create new treatment options for these patients.


Skin grafting: Usually used for burn patients. The skin is removed from one part of the body and then transplanted to another part. There are two types of skin grafts: split-thickness grafts in which only a few outer layers of skin are grafted, and full-thickness grafts that involve all the dermis. There are usually obvious permanent scars.

During the skin grafting process, a special skin cutting tool called Dermatome removes the skin from the area (donor site) that is usually hidden by clothing (such as the buttocks or inner thighs). After removal, place the graft on the area to be covered and fix it in place with a dressing and a few needles.

The donor site is covered with a dressing to prevent infection. Generally, the recovery time from split skin grafts is quite fast, usually less than three weeks. For patients with full-thickness skin grafts, the recovery time can be several weeks longer. Also, to burn patients, skin grafts can be used in the reconstruction of the breast or nose and used for extensive trauma, massive loss of skin due to infection, and removal of large skin cancers.


After the surgery, it is important to monitor the perfusion (passage of fluid) and the circulation of the wound site. Avoid clothes that tighten or put pressure on the wound. Also, our doctor may give you other instructions to help the wound circulate.

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