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The downward shifting and loss of subcutaneous and connective tissue is notably observed in an aging face. Fillers can be injected in the affected areas and reduce the effect of aging. The common aging changes visible in the lower face are prominent nasolabial folds and melolabial folds. Injectable fillers are routinely injected in these folds and thus reducing the aging effects. Other instances for filler use are acne scars, volume loss following trauma and volume loss from other reasons. Filler is also used extensively for volume augmentation of lips, chin and cheeks.

Fillers are available in different types depending on the cross linkages of molecules.. Each one of these injectable fillers is used for a specific clinical condition. The uses of these different types of fillers have been list below:

  • Used for volume augmentation of deficiency of chin or cheek bones and other deeper areas.
  • Used for lips enhancement or under eye correction, since this type of filler is softer to inject
  • Used to fill the deep folds in the nasolabial area or labiomental area.
  • Used to plump up the thin lips, for under eye correction. Hyaluronic acid filler is a cross linked naturally occurring polysaccharide with no potential immunogenicity in its pure form. In the skin, it forms the elastoviscous fluid matrix in which the collagen fibres, elastic fibres, and other structures are embedded.


Prior to the application of fillers, local anesthetic cream is applied on the area and it takes around 1hr for the numbness to set in. How much amount to fill is a very important question. The volume of fillers depends on the indication and severity of the volume loss.

The outcome depends primarily on the expertise of the Cosmetic Surgeon. This procedure is an office procedure and you can resume your work after the procedure. Avoid massage and facial manipulation for 2-3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions
Prior to the filler injection, we routinely apply local anesthetic cream so as to make the procedure pain free
The ant aging result can last from 9 moths to 2 years depending on the type of fillers used.
the common side effects are injection marks which can be visible upto 24hrs, bruises which will clear by 10 days