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Skin Swellings

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When a patient considers surgery for cosmetic purposes, a certain period should be considered for normal recovery. This period will include the treatment of bruises and swelling, which is the expected result of any invasive surgery. Although it may be difficult for patients who are excited by aesthetic improvement to recover after surgery, it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions to ensure the best results after the cure.

Our plastic surgeons are certified by the board of directors, they will provide a detailed plan to enable the patients to obtain the best rehabilitation results. Visit Orange Tree and get an amazing and satisfying experience as we are known as the best center for skin swelling treatments in South Delhi.

Causes of Swelling

After the body suffers any injury, the cells will release chemicals, which will affect the absorption capacity of the blood vessels in the injured area. Although the surgical operation is controlled, it can cause trauma through the incision. The increase in permeability allows fluids, white blood cells, and other chemicals to escape the area, thus starting the healing process. This process is called inflammation or swelling.

The swelling will be the most severe in the first few days after the operation. It will begin to subside after a week, and by the second week after the operation, you should decrease by about 75%. Six weeks after the operation, you should see a 90% reduction and continuous improvement in the following months.

Tips to manage Skin Swellings


It is not accidental that we see athletes injured while sitting on ice bags on the court. This will begin the healing process by reducing pain and inflammation. After plastic surgery, your body has been injured by the incision.


After surgery, when you wake up from anesthesia, you may be wearing compression clothes, especially after body contouring surgery. This compression speeds up the healing process by minimizing swelling and increasing blood circulation to important areas.


Generally, during the first week after surgery, the incision should be kept above the nipple to allow fluid to drain from the wound area. Bed wedges or tilt pillows provide the best lifting effect, allowing you to relax or fall asleep.

Eat Right

Maintain a healthy diet and reduce sodium intake. Salt is not conducive to controlling swelling and should be avoided during the recovery period. Vegetables, eggs, and yogurt are excellent sources of vitamin K, which is an important ingredient in reducing swelling.

  • For many patients, cosmetic surgery is a life-changing event, which may affect their level of self-confidence and enhance a positive self-image. However, plastic surgery is still a surgical procedure that requires meticulously planned recovery work, and every effort is made to ensure that the body is healed normally, and we put our best efforts to reduce bruising and swelling so that you can enjoy the treatment as soon as possible.