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Split Ear Correction

Split Ear Correction And Earlobe Repair Surgery

We at, Orange tree cosmetic surgery centre, commonly get patients (mostly women) with split ear lobule(long cut at ear piercing site). Wearing heavy ear rings is very common and a fashion in the Indian subcontinent. Long use of such jewellery often lead long vertical cut along the ear piercing site. Some patient present with complete cut from the piercing site to the lower margin of the lobule. As a result of the split ear lobule, the patient cannot wear the desired jewellery and it becomes a big limitation.

Repair of split earlobe or cut ear lobule is done under local anesthesia as a day case. It takes around 30 minutes to complete the split earloberepair procedure. Our popular plastic and cosmetic surgeon does the procedure with finesse so that the scar is inconspicuous and the shape of lobule is remains the same.Of late, surgical grade glue is also available as a replacement of stitches, but the rest of the surgical technique remain same.

Big ear earlobecorrection will require best ear lobe surgery skills so that reduction in size maintains the shape of the lobule. This type or reconstruction is highly individualized.