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Breast Reduction

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Aesthetics of breast is never seen in isolation but in comparison to the whole body frame. A big, high volume breast might look good and normal in good built but in a lean body frame it might look awkward and unaesthetic. So a beautiful breast is a shape and size of breast which is proportio-nate to the built of the lady. Role of an expert cosmetic plastic surgeon in correcting enlarged breast gland becomes paramount in such cases as he has to reshape the breast to a normal and aesthetically pleasing looking shape and volume.

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgery of the breast to remove the excess breast tissue comprising of the gland and the fat in such a way so that the shape, size and contour of the breast becomes aesthetically pleasing. Large Breast reduction surgery will re-duce the size and weight of a heavy and large breast.

The breast that you get following the surgery is smaller, lighter and firmer with an improved breast symmetry and correction of sagging. The associated problems and symptoms associated with a big breast are also corrected following breast reduction procedures. This procedure definitely im-proves the quality of life in both personal and professional front.

Who Needs Breast Reduction Surgery?
  • A large breast with higher cup size (cup size greater than C or D) in a lean body frame
  • Large breast with accompanying sagging
  • Heavy breast with back pain or shoulder pain
  • Large and heavy breast with associated skin problem in the breast fold
  • Large breast interfering with daily activities or exercises

The best breast reduction surgery should be able to achieve a nice looking breast silhouette with minimal scarring. There are many techniques described in the history of evolution of reduction mammoplasty. The two most common types of procedure as per the placement of scar are In-verted T and vertical pattern. Pedicles for the NAC complex also have been described in different design.

Two essential components of breast/boob reduction procedure are removal of breast tissue and changing the position of nipple areola complex (NAC). The ideal procedure should be such that there is minimal scar. Dr. Sajal Halder, our chief Cosmetic Surgeon at Orange tree aesthetic sur-gery centre will do the breast/boob reduction procedure with minimal scar. He does vertical closure technique and the neuromuscular pedicle for the NAC is based superomedial or medial quadrant of the breast. The large breast reduction procedure is done under general anaesthesia after a detailed marking in the standing position. The incision line is designed in such a manner so that the vertical stitch line extends from the periareolar incision line to the breast fold. He also does additional liposuction in the outer lower quadrant to bring about a more balanced and attractive breast silhouette. Overnight stay in the hospital is optional.

Follow Up and Complications

The patient can be discharged the same day evening or the next day. You will be advised antibio-tics and pain relief medications. Patient usually comes for a follow up in the 3rd post operative day for the drain removal. the swelling and shape take more than 2 weeks to settle. Scar line is initially bothering but it fades with time. The common complications of reduction mammoplasty are seroma, hematoma, sensory loss or decrease in the nipple or areola, wound infection, scarring, asymmetric shape and level of nipple

Frequently Asked Questions
The safe and permissible amount of breast tissue removal depends on the initial size and vo-lume of breast. excessive sagging can also limit the removal of breast tissue. The surgeon has to balance the extent of breast excision with preservation of the neurovascular supply of the pedicle containing the NAC and best breast aesthetics.
Yes, you can breast feed your baby following reduction mammoplasty as breast with intact mammary glands and ducts is preserved.
Essential work can be resumed in the next day. normal routine of activity takes around a week.
Scar takes around 6-9 months to lighten. You might need a few additional procedures to make the scar line finer. CO 2 fractional laser is used over the scar line for better cosmesis.
Commonly occurring complications such as seroma, hemtoma, bruising paraesthesia are tem-porary and correctable. Scarring breast symmetry, absent sensation, necrosis of skin are un-common side effects.
Yes, we can modify the projection of nipple and the size of areola can also be reduced.