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Lip Reduction Surgery

Lips are very important part of the symmetry and aesthetics of the face.

The projection and relative sizes of the upper and lower lips are as significant to lip aesthetics as the proportion of the lips to the other facial structures. Ideally, height of upper lip is less than the lower lip and upper lip should be slightly anterior to the lower lip. The volume and, therefore, the vertical height of the vermilion of the upper and lower lips should ideally fit within the golden ratio (divine proportion).Full lips is associated with youth and beauty. Robust , pouty lips are considered to be sexually attractive by both males and females. But lips which are disproportionately large and pouty is a cause of annoyance in many. Cosmetic surgery of the lips reshaping is gaining popularity to enhance the facial beauty and attractiveness.

Large and bulky lips is not a pleasant feature of the face and it is a major cause of embarrassment. Presentations of large bulky lip can be either upper or lower or sometimes both. Lip reduction surgery is done under local anaesthesia as an office procedure. Surgery of the big thick lips to a small lips needs careful planning and marking. At orange tree aesthetic centre, the lip reduction surgery is done to bring the lip in harmony to the facial proportions. The There is a postoperative swelling in the lip which settles in 3-5 days. The stiches are dissolvable and the final result is achieved in a months time. Sometimes, after big lower lip is made small there is a residual the lower lip droop which need to be supported so that eversion of lip is decreased. This can be brought by injecting fillers (Juvederm Voluma) in the base of the lower lips and add support to the lower lip.

Lip reshaping surgery is almost always done under local anaesthesia as a day care surgery. The stich line is inside the mouth and therefore the scar is not visible. At orange tree aesthetic centre, best lip reduction surgery in Delhi is done by experienced plastic surgeon. The best lip reduction surgery result is visible after 3 weeks after the swelling comes down.