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Breast Fat Transfer

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Breast Fat Transfer is the procedure to take the extra fat cells from your body parts and injecting that fat cells to your breasts. You can get rid of the stubborn fat on your butt, thighs, and abdomen and use that to enlarge your breasts without the need for implants. It is a safe and long-lasting process. Every year, thousands of patients get fat grafting and are happy with the results. Also, it is an effective option for those who have underdeveloped or misshaped breast due to genetic problems.

People tend to get this surgery for the desire for permanent correction without using implants, to improve the body contour, repair scars, eliminate skin depressions, and restore the natural curve of breasts.

  • The liposuction procedure of the surgery is performed under general anesthesia to make the patient comfortable.
  • The tiny incisions are created through the narrow tube or cannula into the fat deposits and then through a vibrating tip, fat cells are suctioned from your body.
  • Then the fat is processed safely and prepared for injection. Tiny incisions are made in a circular pattern to give it a natural effect and the fat cells are injected into the breast tissue.
  • Then the affected areas are closed with incision and you will be sent for recovery.
  • The typical recovery period for liposuction is only a few days. The fat transfer to the breast causes minimal pain in the breast .
  • You may experience slight swelling and bruise around the incision site, but you should not feel significant pain during this period.
  • You can take oral medications for the first three to four days for your comfort. The breast may become sore after the injection, but this discomfort will be short-lived.
  • Most activities can be restored in about four days, although strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least two weeks to allow enough time for the treated area to recover.
  • During this period, do not sleep on your stomach to avoid putting too much pressure on your breasts, as this may affect your ability to "ingest" fat.
  • as the amount of fat that can be injected into the breasts is limited so the desired enhancement might require more than one session of the fat transfer procedure.

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