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Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty

Best Abdominoplasty Surgeon for Tummy Tuck Procedure in Delhi & Kolkata

Request for abdominoplasty procedure may be due physical, psychological, social or economic or a combination of all of these. It's a common area treated in plastic surgery procedures. Commonly, patient desiring abdominoplasty procedures are following pregnancy and weight changes. It's an important body contouring surgery for mommy makeover.

The primary physical attribute is abdominal wall flaccidity or fold which can be subdivided into mild, moderate and severe. The mild bulge with small accumulation of fat, minimal muscle weakness can be easily managed with diet and exercise. In moderate or marked cases of flaccidity will have moderate accumulation of subcutaneous fat, marked diastasis of rectus, flaccidity of fascia with marked skin fold or excess. The excessive or exaggerated cases will have pendulous flaccid abdomen. Generally this group of patients will obese.

The desired enhancements by a patient after the best tummy tuck procedure are a nice looking abdominal wall contour, making of a nice looking naval, and a minimum or a hidden scar line. There are a variety of abdominoplasty techniques, but the best one applicable to you is decided by the best plastic surgeons in India after a thorough and detailed clinical evaluation. The best tummy tuck surgeon in the cosmetic centre will perform tummy tuck so that you get an improvement in the waistline as well.


The best abdominoplasty technique is selected on an individualised basis. The operation is commonly done under general anestheisa and you will be required to stay overnight. The various types of techniques for abdominal contour surgery are suction-assisted lipectomy, mini-abdominoplasty, modified abdominoplasty and standard abdominoplasty with or without liposuction. Some patients may have additional umbilical hernia or incisional hernia.

After a detailed discussion with the patient about the procedure and its side effects, the marking is done in the standing position. The goal of the best tummy tuck surgery is to give a small hidden scar line. The cosmetic surgeon for abdominoplasty will remove an ellipse of skin and tissue between naval and mons pubis. The first part of the abdominoplasty surgery consists of tumescent liposuction of the abdomen followed by excision of the infraumbilical ellipse of skin. Tightening of midline abdominal lax sheath is done. A drain is put below the stitched abdomen skin flaps.

After a tummy tuck surgery, follow up is done to remove the drain, stich line care and look for any complications. Patient is advised to wear a pressure garment for around 2-3months. The common complications are hematoma, seroma, bruising, wound infection, scar, contour irregularity, pain and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions
Patients often get confused between liposuction and tummy tuck. Fatty bulge of abdomen without skin fold will be best corrected by best abdominal liposuction procedure. Whenever one has excess skin fold in the lower abdomen, tummy tuck becomes the procedure of choice. The final call for the procedure to be chosen is taken by the plastic surgeon at the time of consultation.
Ideally the tummy tuck procedure is done after the family is complete. But many a time the tummy tuck surgery is done after a massive weight loss or following 1st child birth. The rectus sheath plication is often avoided in such situation.
The abdominoplasty procedure should be done by an expert plastic surgeon with a good training in body contouring surgery. The centre should have well trained staff, good instrumentations and supportive care.
You can resume your essential activities within 3-7days. Tightness, stretch sensation and pain can continue for 3-4 weeks.
tummy tuck scar line is planned so that it's hidden in the bikini. The visibility of the scar varies. But the scar can be made fine by use of best fractional laser treatment.