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Breast Cosmetic Surgery

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Breast is an important organ of the body and its importance in the overall appeal and beauty is undoubtedly in the top. A beautiful breast has the right combination of good volume, nice shape and silhouette, best breast cleavage and a firm mound on the chest wall. The projection of the nipple and the size of areola should be nicely balanced. The texture of the skin is also important so that the smooth curve is well appreciated. Aging breast will result in loosened skin, sagging breast, downward position of the nipple and loss of cleavage.

Breast aesthetics is poorly understood and measuring the physical characteristics always needs to be complimented with subjective assessment. Breast measurements definitely help the best breast surgeons in planning the breast reshaping or reconstructive surgery to a certain extent.

The surgery on the breast covers a wide spectrum of clinical conditions. Cosmetic surgery of the breast is subdivided into volume addition in the form of breast implant surgery or breast augmentation by fat transfer. Breast volume reduction also referred to as reduction mammoplasty is another subset of cosmetic breast surgery. Breast lift or mastopexy is the last subset of breast cosmetic surgery. Breast reconstruction following breast cancer surgery is a different spectrum and the breast reconstruction tries to make a breast in the best possible way.

Breast cosmetic surgery and breast reconstructive surgery requires a dedicated approach and a high level expertise. Therefore, you should choose your breast surgeon very carefully. This field of cosmetic breast surgery is evolving with each passing years, so your cosmetic plastic surgeon should be updated with the latest approach, techniques and advancements.

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