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Acne is not only an important dermatologic condition but also a cosmetic problem as it highly visible on the face. Acne can cause profound psychological impact. Clinically this condition is allied acne vulgarise. The cause is multifactorial and the pilosebaceous unit is source of the problem. Commonly acne affects the teens but it can occur in the adults also.

How does the acne forms?

Sebaceous glands make the sebum or the oil. The imbalance between the sebum production and secretion capacity because a blockage of sebum in the hair follicle shaft and it's followed by inflammation. Skin is often found to be oily. The excess sebum leads to growth of acne bacteria followed papules and pustule formation.

Acne treatment consists of decreasing acne formation and treating the after effect of acne. The first step is to decrease the dead skin collection and then the decrease in bacterial load at the oil gland level. The material that clogs the pores also needs to be removed. We also need to decrease the inflammatory response and finally the oil or sebum production also needs to be reduced.

How to prevent acne?

Early medical intervention and preventive treatment is effective in resolving the problem and preventing post acne sequel of scarring. You should seek the help of an expert dermatologist or cosmetologist for your acne problem

General measures will help in acne treatment.

  • 1   Timely washing the face with mild soap and cleanser in the morning and the evening
  • 2   Applying a topical antibiotic solution or azelaic acid in the morning
  • 3   Applying a non oily sunscreen
  • 4   applying a topical retinoid at night

Chemical peel and CO2 fractional laser is also effective in reducing the acne. Acne scar is a common sequel of pustules and cystic acne. For acne scar we provide best treatment in Delhi, Kolkata and Manipur clinic, you need to visit the experts and seek the best laser treatment or other treatment method.