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Best Warts Treatment in Delhi, Kolkata and Manipur

Warts are growth on the skin that appears like a cauliflower. Wart is caused by human papilloma virus and this condition is contagious. Wart is not a cancer. Wart spread by contact along a breach in the skin. Warts should always be evaluated by an expert dermatologist or plastic surgeon as it can resemble skin tags, benign skin growth and basal cell cancer.

There are various types of warts. Common wart is also called Verrucous Vulgaris and can affect face or other body parts. Hand and fingers are commonly affected by verrucous vulgaris. It spreads from finger with active lesions or seed lesion appearing as black dots to other body parts.

Foot warts or plantar warts affect the sole and toes. They are commonly flat and spread on the skin surface. Foot wart is often painful and is associated with difficulty in walking. Flat warts appear spread out on the skin surface and are multiple in number. Filiform warts are big lesions occurring in immune deficiency states.


Warts commonly occur in children and teen. It commonly disappears spontaneously in children. Seeking the best dermatology or plastic surgery opinion is needed in majority of the wart problem. Treatment of wart are many. At Orange Tree Clinic in Delhi, Kolkata and Manipur, our best plastic surgeon will treat wart by laser or surgical excision. We remove all the existing wart lesion so that the focus of the warts is removed as well. We always advise the patient to come back to the clinic as soon as he notices any new lesion. The hand and foot warts are difficult to cure as many a times nail bed is also affected. Plastic surgeon may have to remove partial or complete nail and nail bed affected with warts. Other modalities of wart treatment are cryotherapy, electrocautery, bleomycin injection