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Acne Scar


Laser treatment is best for thick, raised scars. These scars (also called hypertrophic scars) are caused by abnormal or excessive healing. They are usually red or inflamed and often cause severe dysfunction. For example, scars may make it difficult for you to bend your joints. They can also cause emotional distress when they are located on the face, neck, or other visible areas.

Although laser treatment cannot completely eliminate burn scars, it can improve the functions lost due to scars. You may also feel the burn scars get softened and the itching becomes lesser. After laser treatment, the appearance of scars may improve, but you should not expect that laser treatment alone will significantly improve the appearance of scars.


  • During laser treatment, the surgeon uses a special device called a fractional ablation carbon dioxide (CO2) laser to form tiny holes in the tissue of the burn scar. It is believed that this energy can stimulate changes in scar tissue. Next, apply the steroid solution to the scar and absorb it into the hole. This medication also helps to improve scars.
  • This is a one-day operation, usually with general anesthesia, and you should be able to go home with a simple dressing on the treatment area that day.
  • We recommend three laser treatments for each part of the body to be treated (for example, arms, shoulders etc).
After Treatment

After laser treatment, burn scars will look better. In many cases, the height of the scar will decrease, and the skin will become more flexible and less red. However, we remind patients to set realistic expectations. Your scar will only soften, not disappear. There are ideal results, especially after laser and surgery to remove the scar. This usually happens after 3 weeks. The skin will continue to form new layers, removing scars in the process.

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