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Face Fat Transfer

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Face fat transfer or fat grafting is the procedure to transfer fat from an area where its plentiful to the face to restore the lost volume on the face. Using modern liposuction techniques, fat is gently removed and prepared for injecting into the face. It is the most easily available, less painful, and more effective natural filler. Fat grafting is the safest and long-lasting procedure and shows great results. It gives so natural-appealing results that people can barely notice the surgery. Face fat transfer procedure is an excellent anti-aging procedure in the older age group. In addition to subtle volume loss correction, the stromal vascular fat fraction provides stem cells for facial rejuvenation

It's a gentle process and is sometimes done more than one to reach your desired result.
  • Liposuction is done to remove fat from areas like hips, stomach, thighs where all the stubborn fat is stored.
  • Tiny incisions are used for this process so that there are no scars afterward.
  • The fat cells are then prepared for injecting using the precautions. Using a thin cannula (tube) placed through a tiny incision, fat is carefully injected into the lines and depressions of the face to rejuvenate and reshape the contours.
  • The surgeon may overfill the treatment area to some extent to compensate for the percentage of fat cells that cannot survive.
Post-operative care

The dressing should be placed on the areas where incisions were made. These dressings can include the use of tape or compression dressings. Our surgeon will ask you not to sit or lie on the injected area for a particular time. After the operation, your surgeon may also guide you about the massage procedure. Swelling and bruising can usually resolve in about three weeks.

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