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Buttock Fat Transfer

Best Clinic for Body Fat Transfer in Delhi

Buttock fat transfer or Brazilian butt lift is the cosmetic procedure to transfer the fat from a body to create more fullness in your backside. A fat grafting procedure famous for its natural-looking results. It is one of the most popular fat grafting procedures. People who have minimal fat on buttocks tend to go for this surgery to give it a proper shape and size.

At Orange Tree, we offer different procedures like butt augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, and fat transfer. We are known for the best fat transfer clinic in Delhi. Our qualified fat transfer surgeons in South Delhi, are known for their honesty and outstanding work. We look forward to providing you the best services and to make sure you are safe and comfortable.

It is usually performed under local anesthesia and certain precautions are taken according to the patient’s health.
  • First, Liposuction is done to remove the fat from other body parts where you have extra fat such as hips, thighs, and stomach. It involves making an incision in your skin and using a tube to eliminate the fat from your body.
  • The aspirated fat is then separated from the tumescent solution is made ready for injecting into your buttocks.
  • Then the processed fat is injected into the specific area of the buttocks to make it look more rounded and full.
  • Both the incisions are very small and they don’t need any stitches for closure and a compression garment is applied to the affected areas of the skin to prevent the risk of bleeding.
  • Fat absorption(10-30%) is not uncommon and in cases where fat absorption result in a suboptimal result, you can go for another surgery in the area that has reabsorbed the fat and get the desired result.

Like any cosmetic surgery, you need to be extra careful after the Brazilian Butt lift procedure. You will not be able to sit on your buttocks for two weeks after the operation, and you will need to lie on your side or sleep on your abdomen until the area is completely healed. After the surgery has recovered, your hips may swell for several weeks. It is a quick, safe, and reliable procedure that will give tightness and lift for years to come.