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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant in Delhi, Kolkata & Manipur

FUE hair transplant is a method of extracting donor hair in a follicular unit hair transplant procedure. In our Orange Tree clinic in Delhi, Kolkata, Manipur, we provide best FUE method where latest instruments are used to make a small circular cut in the skin around hair follicles which are extracted from scalp tissue leaving a small hole which completely heals within 7-10 days. Transplanted hair will grow in the same way as existing hair grows. New hair starts growing after 2-3 months of procedure. It may take 10-12 months for full hair growth.

How Orange Tree performs FUE
  • The entire donor area from the back of the patient’s head is trimmed to 0-1 mm length.
  • The patient lies on the operating table with his face down.
  • Local anesthesia (xylocaine) is applied slowly over the entire part of both donor and recipient area.
  • Punching machine with a special micro punch of 0.8 mm diameter is now placed over the follicular unit and aligned according to the direction of hair followed by scoring of the scalp skin containing follicular unit under high magnification.
  • A blunt punch (HARRIS punch) is used to prevent damage to follicles while scoring follicular unit from the donor area.
  • Grafts are then gently extracted out with the help of special micro forceps and are preserved in cold saline till implanted in the bald area.
  • Both extraction and implantation done simultaneously.
  • Whole procedure can take 3-5 hours or more in a large session, may require 2 consecutive days also.
  • Orange tree can perform 4000-4500 grafts in a single day on a single patient and 5000-6000 grafts in two consecutive days.