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Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation, Chin Enhancement And Double Chin Implant Surgery

Chin and its importance in the facial beauty is not commonly well understood by the patient. It's commonly emphasized by the cosmetic surgeon when he takes the consultation for patients who have come to seek improvement in the facial look or rhinoplasty procedure. Chin abnormality can present as retrusion where the chin lie behind the lips or can be protruded where the chin lie in front of the lips.

Our facial plastic surgeon will take detailed consultation, analyze the problem and explain the intricacies involving the procedure to correct the chin retrusion. Preoperative counselling is very important and the changes are sometime not easy to accept.

Aretruded chin can be corrected by a genioplasty or chin implant surgery. Chin augmentation procedure involves advancing the chin to the front by surgical procedure on the bone. Double chin surgery also improves the chin profile by placing a silicone implant over the chin. Our best facial plastic surgeon analyze the chin and the lowerjaw before selecting the type and size of the chin implant. The chin surgery is a day case and the procedure is done under local anaesthesia. The implant is inserted through a small cut below the chin in the submental area. The scar is very small and its hidden naturally. The patient initially notices more than desired enhancement of the chin due to tissue swelling. So, reassurance is very important in the initial period following surgery. You can get back to work from next day onwards.

Chin enhancement surgery can be achieved by non surgical technique as well. Both fat filler and hyaluronic acid can used to enhance or improve facial profile.
Chin implant surgery is commonly combined with rhinoplasty surgery.
The commonest side effect is swelling. Nerveinjury, asymmetry, scar, infection and incomplete correction are other uncommon side effects.