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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer or fat grafting procedure is taking out of fat from one part of the body and transferring or injecting the fat in some other part of the body. The primary goal of best fat grafting surgeons is to bring about the best augmentation and improvement of the part injected with fat. Fat is removed by Liposuction technique from areas such as tummy or inner thigh. The fat grafting is commonly done to enhance certain body parts such as breast or face. In some cases, fat grafting is used as an antiaging procedure. In some cases of burns or accidental deformity, fat grafting is a very useful reconstructive plastic surgery procedure.

Fat grafting techniques involve multiple steps. Extraction of fat is done by liposuction technique from an area with abundantly available fat. The second step is the processing of fat which includes decanting with or without centrifugation. The processed fat is then injected into the area of the body which needs improvement. Different body areas will require a different volume of fat injection. Fat grafting techniques have been continuously evolving and we, at Orange tree, perform the procedure to give you the best fat grafting result in Delhi. Our qualified fat transfer surgeons in South Delhi take pride in offering the highest levels of client comfort, safety, and hygiene ensuring your visit is a pleasurable experience.

Fat grafting and adipose stem cells are very closely related. Mesenchymal stem cells are available in abundance in adipose tissue compared to other areas. There are many ongoing trials using MSC’s for many disease conditions.