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Giga sessions

Giga sessions are those Hair Transplant session in which more than 4000 grafts are transplanted. This is Changing trends in hair transplant surgery. As techniques improve, the no. of grafts that can be transplanted in one session has increased. If the hair loss is truly extensive, one or two sessions might not be enough and at such a time, you will need a solution that will help cover more area, in the minimal amount of time only Giga Session is the best solution for which you should opt for.

It is important to understand that we can find lot of variations between different individuals and the no of grafts that can be done in one session depends on quality of donor area.

With the giga sessions patients can have following benefits:
  • As the session is of one or two sittings so the patient can have the results immediately
  • In the first sitting bald spots can be covered and in the next sitting patient can have the required density of hair
  • This session limits the visits of patient to the centre
  • These sessions are also cost effective as the patient can save the cost of multiple sessions
  • Factors determining the no of grafts per session transplanted.
The no of grafts that can be obtained in one session depends on three factors:
  • Hair density
  • Skin elasticity
  • Size of head

Thus giga sessions help to cover large areas. This is particularly helpful for those coming from different countries for medical tourism as it helps to avoid a second travel for second session.