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Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgery

Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgery

In this era of the internet, everybody has access to information easily and every piece of information has two main aspects, negative and positive. Though the negative aspect is more likely to spread easily because of the kind of times we live in.

There are plenty of myths and assumptions online that you read and somehow take that information and keep it in the back of your mind. When you read something regarding that on any other source, the false information that you somehow believed pops up in your head, and you tend to make a stereotype and start following it.

There are a number of misconceptions about cosmetic surgery too as the internet is full of false assumptions and this is what all you need to know to bust these pointless myths.


Myth#1  Most people who seek cosmetic surgery tend to have psychological issues.

This is clearly a myth as it is completely normal to go for cosmetic procedures if you feel healthy and confident about your body. No such assumption is true as people usually go for these procedures to lead a better quality of life and feel good about themselves. You just need to have realistic expectations and be aware of the results and their effects.


Myth#2   Plastic surgery is only for women

Though the majority of women tend to indulge in cosmetic procedures, there has been an increase in the number of men in a few years and is rapidly growing. People are pursuing the idea of cosmetic procedures and trying to make the most of it irrespective of gender. Men are most likely to have non-surgical procedures like botox and fillers to rejuvenate their appearance.

They are also adapting to the idea of surgical procedures such as Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia (treatment of enlarged breasts), and Liposuction.

Misconceptions Cosmetic Surgery

Myth#3  You shouldn’t get plastic surgery until you are older


Cosmetic surgeries are as much about looking better as it is about looking younger. For most people, it is about leading a better quality of life and spending the rest of life in the best shape possible.

Waiting till you get 60 and then getting all the procedures is done is not what cosmetic surgery is all about. In fact, some procedures require skin tightening to improve the contour that might be better and easy for you if you get it done at a younger age. It looks more natural also if you get it at the perfect age as your body adapts to it.


Myth#4 You will regain fat after liposuction

A small study showed that some patients recovered fat within a year after surgery, and this myth began to go around. Since then, many larger studies have refuted this data. If you gain weight in the future, although the remaining fat cells will become larger, liposuction will remove the fat cells from the body and these cells will not grow back.

After patients who have undergone liposuction, recover from the surgery, they will continue to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, which usually produces lasting results. Liposuction usually has high patient satisfaction.


Myth#5  You can always recognize when someone has had plastic surgery

We have all seen extreme situations in the media, but our plastic surgeons will work efficiently to provide you with natural results that match your unique features and will not appear immediately. After all, the hallmark of a great plastic surgery is that you cannot tell the patient that plastic surgery has been performed! 

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Myth#6  Breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer

There is no evidence that breast implants (including silicone breast implants) can cause breast cancer or any other diseases. However, just like without implants, you should continue regular breast cancer screening. Although breast implants are considered safe, they do have risks. Always check the breast after implantation. If you suspect a problem, see a doctor immediately.


So these are some common misconceptions regarding cosmetic surgery that you need to let go of. Be smart enough to identify the right source of information and let the reliable and factual news get in. For more facts regarding cosmetic surgery and the techniques we use, do visit Orange Tree, health, and restoration center. Our experts have a knack for performing the best procedures possible and assure you of great results. So feel good and confident about your body with one of the best Aesthetic & hair restoration centers in Delhi.



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