Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

If you have disproportionately large breasts that cause back pain, neck pain, or any other physical discomfort, you can consider getting a breast reduction surgery done.

Breast reduction is usually performed under general anaesthetic. In some cases, when the reduction is only small, the surgeon may opt for local anaesthetic with sedation.

A normal breast reduction surgery procedure involves:

  • Initially, the surgeon makes an incision (cut) around the nipple. The incision is further continued in a straight vertical line to the breast crease. Sometimes, a further cut is made in the crease beneath the breast depending on the fat tissue in the body.
  • In many cases, the nipple remains attached to its blood and nerve supply at all times. However, an extremely heavy (pendulous) breast may need a ‘free nipple graft’. The nipple is separated and reattached on the breast at a higher point.
  • Excess fat, skin and glandular tissue are further removed. At times, the surgeon will use liposuction to help remove excess fat. (Occasionally, the surgeon can reduce the size of breasts by liposuction alone.)
  • The surgeon will then apply deep stitches inside the breast tissue for added support.
  • Lastly, skin incisions are brought together and closed.

Breast is an important organ of the body and contributes to the overall appearance of an individual. So if you are planning for a breast reconstructive surgery, ensure you choose your breast surgeon very careful.

Orange Tree Aesthetic Centre has highly qualified plastic surgeons with many years of experience. The team is committed to delivering the highest standard of breast cosmetic surgery in Delhi, Kolkata and Manipur clinics at affordable rates.

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Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Disproportionately large breasts can cause both physical and emotional distress for patients. Patients facing this issue may experience physical discomfort due to the weight of their breasts. The weight of excess breast tissue at times restricts a patient’s ability to lead an active life. Additional problems such as skin redness and itching in the breast fold, drooping of shoulder is also very common. Along with physical ailments, some patients even suffer from significant mental health problems due to their awkward body shape.

Breast reduction surgery is done to overcome this problem. It is performed to remove some of the tissues and skin from the breasts, in order to reshape and reduce the size of the breasts.  The surgery is usually performed under general anesthetic. In some cases, when the reduction is only small, the surgeon may opt for local anesthetic with sedation.

Once the breast reduction surgery is completed the new breast size should help relieve the pain and physical limitations experienced prior to breast reduction. Moreover, a better-proportioned figure helps to boost the patient’s self-confidence and morale.

The results of this procedure are permanent.  However, as time passes by, the shape of the breasts can change due to aging, hormonal factors, and weight fluctuations.

Breast cosmetic surgery and breast reconstructive surgery requires a dedicated approach and high-level of expertise. Therefore, you should choose your breast surgeon very carefully. Orange Health Tree is one such center that offers breast reduction surgery in Delhi at an affordable and reasonable price.  The center has the best of surgeons and takes pride in offering quality treatment along with personal care and touch.

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Is it possible to reduce the size of breast implants?

Women who want to enhance their breast size often decide to go for Breast Implants. Breast augmentation is quickly becoming a popular cosmetic surgery option in India to correct inadequate breast development, congenital (by birth) malformation, breast asymmetry (unequal breast sizes), post-pregnancy volume loss, surgical removal of the breast (mastectomy), etc. Breast Augmentation with implants can give good volume, firmness, beautiful shape and look to the bust. But as there is a mix of information out there, we are quite skeptical about going for the breast implant surgery.

And you might also think- ‘What if I lose or gain weight? Implants would give a smaller or bigger appearance to the breasts with respect to rest of the body.’ So, the question is – ‘Is it possible to reduce the size of breast implants?’

The answer is – Yes! You can go for a surgical procedure to replace the existing implant with a smaller or bigger implant after discussing it with your Plastic Surgeon. While replacing breast implants with a smaller size, patients are concerned about the excess fat and skin tissue that might be left after the surgery. It completely depends on your skin elasticity, the implant placement, and time span for which you had the larger implants. Your plastic surgeon should have all the details of your previous breast augmentation surgery and medical history. This will help both the doctor and patient to come up with a treatment plan that can provide you the desired results.

There are patients who want their implants to be removed and want to return to a natural state. Our Trusted Plastic Surgeons in Delhi at Orange Tree Aesthetic Centre, offer breast augmentation with fat transfer for those patients who still want a little enhancement in their breasts. This doesn’t require silicone implants and enhances the bust line by using the unwanted fat from the other parts of the body. You can also combine this with our effective breast lift surgery, to correct the sagging tissue and overall shape.

Many patients decide to go for much larger implant size, irrespective of their body proportion, but after some years, and sometimes in just a few months, they start to suffer from the side effects of heavy breasts or in this case bigger implants. Women might experience back, neck and shoulder pain, and get slouchy posture or even look and feel odd. This kind of situation again demands the replacement or removal of the implants.

At Orange Tree Aesthetic Centre, we believe in the right consultation meaning that the emphasis is on understanding the results that a patient expects. Then we try to find the right size of the implant that will create the silhouette and contours our patients’ desire and provide them with the best results. Our experienced plastic surgeons are here to help you and deliver the highest standard and cost-effective breast cosmetic surgery at our centres in Delhi, Kolkata, and Manipur.