How to Prepare Yourself for Breast Reduction Surgery – For Men

Are you preparing for a breast reduction surgery? Here are some instructions that you need to follow:

  • Stop smoking and drinking(alcohol) least one month before and two weeks after the surgery. Smoking and drinking can impair wound healing, and increase the risk of infection after the surgery.
  • If you are addicted to smoking and alcohol, the surgeon will perform certain tests like urine test or blood test before performing the surgery. Hence be prepared for these kinds of routine tests.
  • Schedule your miscellaneous routine and dental procedures prior to your surgery. You will not be able to have these appointments for at least six months after the breast reduction surgery.
  • Around 14-20 days prior to the surgery and 48 hours after the surgery – avoid taking ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil or any other medication. Other products to avoid are protein supplements, fat supplements, garlic supplements, etc. These products may affect the blood in your body.
  • Do not shave your chest for 3 to 4 days before the surgery.
  • Please remove all body pierced ornaments.
  • Start planning your recovery area and stock up on books, movies and other small tasks that you can do at home, post surgery.
  • Stock your kitchen with lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein-based foods – it will help you have a healthy diet, post surgery.
  • Keep drinking lots of water –at least a week prior to the surgery.
  • Before going for the breast reduction surgery take a shower with a proper antibacterial soap. Make sure you cleanse your chest and underarms thoroughly. However do not apply deodorant, powder or lotion.
  • Once your surgery appointment is fixed, ensure you book someone to drive you back home after the surgery.
  • In addition, make sure you follow all the instructions provided by the surgeon. Following your physician’s instructions is the key to the success of your breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is a crucial surgery; hence ensure you know all the benefits, potential complications, and what’s involved in the recovery. Be completely honest with your surgeon about your medical history and why you’re seeking a breast reduction. It will avoid any complications in the future.

Post-Liposuction Care

Although liposuction surgery does not involve too many incisions, it is essential to understand how to care for your body after the surgery is done. It is vital to care for those areas where incisions are made, or else scarring and infection and will hamper your final results.

So here’s your guide to post-liposuction surgery care.

First 24 – 72 Hours of Surgery

  • For the first 24 to 72 hours after the liposuction surgery – it is normal for bloody fluid to drain on clothes and sheets. This fluid is inserted into the operated area to make the fat removal safer for you.
  • Wear loose garments throughout the day. Loose garments will reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process. Your cosmetic surgeon will let you know when you can stop wearing the garment.
  • Do not sit in one position continuously for a long time. Instead, keep moving every two hours to prevent the formation of blood clots. This movement will also reduce swelling.
  • Take antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon.
  • Depending on your surgeon’s preference, you can remove the outer dressings from the liposuction area. Your incisions may be left open or they may be closed with a stitch. But once the dressing is removed, you need to keep the incisions clean and inspect it daily for any signs of infection.
  • Vigorous activities such as sports and exercise should be avoided for the next 2-3 weeks, depending on the extent of the liposuction surgery.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol, as it tends to delay the healing process. Moreover, it can also increase the risk of complications.
  • Do not take a bath or wash yourself until you are examined and told to do by the surgeon.

What You Can Expect?
Post liposuction surgery it’s normal to expect temporary numbness, bruising, swelling, soreness, burning sensation, bleeding, pain and discomfort. This will gradually subside over 10 to 21 days. Vaser liposuction can give an additional skin tightening benefit. However, if you experience excessive fluid drainage or pus, foul odour, increased redness and swelling – immediately contact the doctor.

How Do You Maintain?
While liposuction surgery will remove a certain number of fat cells from the treatment area, the remaining cells can continue to store fat and grow in size. Hence, it’s important that you follow a healthy diet and participate in a regular exercise routine in order to maintain a healthy body weight post your recovery phase. Maintaining weight is the most important factor for best Liposuction results after the liposuction surgery.

What are the Causes of Gynecomastia?

Some boys and men develop enlarged breast tissue. It’s called gynecomastia.  These abnormally large breasts are caused by natural changes in estrogen (a “female hormone” that men also have) and testosterone. This excess fat in the breast can be very hard to shift, even if a weight loss plan has worked for the rest of the body, resulting in ‘man boobs’ that can cause embarrassment in the person.

In most individuals the exact cause isn’t known, however, we have tried to list down a few things that can cause this deformity:

  • Obesity, which can result in more estrogen
  • Thyroid problems, since hormones from that gland control growth and sexual development
  • Medications for various illnesses, including epilepsy, heart disease, cancer, depression, or ulcers
  • Illegal drugs, including anabolic steroids, marijuana, and heroin
  • Injury or diseases that affect the testicles, which make testosterone
  • Some cancers, including tumors of the lungs, pituitary gland or adrenal glands
  • Kidney failure or liver disease etc.

Gynecomastia occurs naturally at different times in a male’s life. Although this abnormality is normal and un-harmful, it can be treated easily. Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction surgery, is the medical correction of overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men. The procedure involves the removal of fat and/or glandular tissue from the breasts, and if necessary, excess skin. The result is a flatter, firmer chest consistent with masculine body contour. As with this cosmetic surgery procedure, healing and final results vary from individual to individual. The patients can return back to work after a week or two depending on the doctor’s advice.

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The Latest Trend towards Body Enhancement

The latest studies reveal that there are nearly a million cosmetic procedures performed every year. According to research, there were more than 17 million (approx) cosmetic procedures performed every year across the globe, a number that has risen steadily over the past five years. Of the nearly 17 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed annually, the top 5 surgeries are:

  • Breast cosmetic surgery
  • Liposuction surgery
  • Nose reshaping/ Rhinoplasty surgery
  • Body contouring
  • Eyelid surgery

Breast reductions, nose reshaping, and liposuction surgery for weight loss are consistently reported as one of the highest patient satisfaction procedures because it positively affects a person’s life. It addresses both functional and aesthetic concerns. Moreover, with the influence of social media, television, and other forms of media, people are increasingly becoming aware of body contouring, eyelid surgery, and other miscellaneous cosmetic surgeries.

Today plastic surgery is becoming more common and accepted in men as well. Studies show that most men undergo procedures to tighten and tone problem areas, like breasts. This gynecomastia surgery or breast reduction surgery is often done in younger men who face genetic challenges with the size and shape of their breasts.

The business of looking good is a big one. Cosmetic surgeries are not very expensive as many would have thought it to be. Price range varies and many procedure can be done in a smaller setup, therefore, passing on the cost benefit to patient requesting for best cosmetic surgery. As they are not covered by insurance, patients have to pay upfront and this at times is a deterance . No definitive figures are available on the number of cosmetic surgery hospitals in India. However studies say that the cosmetic market in India is estimated to increase further in the next 5 years. Moreover, medical tourism will also play a critical role in the growth of this segment.

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Cosmetic Surgery in India

Consciously or subconsciously our culture is changing as to how humans feel they should look. There is increasing pressure to look young and beautiful, especially for women, who are still more likely to be judged on appearances. And people believe they will be happier and more successful if they conform more closely to these cultural norms. This is why; the world of cosmetic surgery is rapidly growing day by day. Whether it is rhinoplasty, hair restoration, breast cosmetic surgery, or liposuction surgery— many people in India and across the globe are resorting to cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is no longer limited to celebrities and wealthy socialites. It is gaining wide acceptance and interest amongst the common people as well, thanks to media as well as the infomercial ads promoting the latest age-defying cosmetic surgical methods. Indians are gradually moving beyond cosmetic products. The obsession today is with perfection, say cosmetic surgeons. As a result, an increasing number of young Indians, especially in the 18 to 25 age group (approx), are now going under the knife. Men preferably go for breast reduction surgery and hair transplant. While women opt for surgeries the liposuction surgery (fat removal surgery) and rhinoplasty (nose cosmetic surgery).

As per studies, India ranks 4th in the world for the number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed after USA, Brazil and South Korea. The country is a breeding hub for aesthetic surgeries with lakhs of procedures being conducted annually, and the number is expected to increase gradually in the coming years. Today, you will find numerous hospitals in India offering safe cosmetic surgery treatments. Orange Tree is one of the leading Cosmetic surgery clinic that offers various kinds of cosmetic surgery. The center has the best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi. Highly qualified Cosmetic Plastic surgeons are known for their skill and expertise. Not only are they trained at best medical institutes, the experienced surgeons are also kind and affectionate towards their clients. The team offers the best treatment and helps individuals get a healthier and impactful look.

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What to Avoid Before Your Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that breaks down and removes subcutaneous fat from different parts of the body that are stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure; instead, it is a method to remove layers of fat that are not responsive in otherwise healthy individuals.

Before undergoing liposuction surgery, your doctor will most likely explain, a number of things you should not do before your procedure to assure you have the best possible results. However, we have listed some important tips you need to consider. These tips will help you have a fat removal surgery, without much complication.

Avoid Harmful Medications Prior to Surgery
Before getting the liposuction surgery done, you will need to follow your surgeon’s advice closely to remove certain medications from your routine. Certain strong medications and supplements can increase your risk for post-surgical complications. Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, birth control medications, herbal medications, etc. Instead consult your doctor and protect yourself from unnecessary complications.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking
Avoid smoking and drinking at least 2-4 weeks prior to your liposuction surgery. Smoking and drinking can decrease blood flow through the circulatory system and also affect liver functioning. It can also restrict your body’s ability to heal – post liposuction surgery.

Avoid Gaining or Losing Weight
Losing or gaining weight before liposuction surgery could affect your final results. Avoid crash diets, elimination diets, or any other extreme weight gain therapies. Excessive weight gain or weight loss before liposuction surgery can be very dangerous and may negatively affect your surgical results. We suggest your weight should be stable for at least 3 months before undergoing Vaser Liposuction at Orange tree

Wear Comfortable Clothes
Avoid wearing tight clothes before the liposuction surgery. Comfortable clothing will maintain the blood circulation in your body and help you have a healthy surgery. Moreover, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible for your trip home afterward.

Liposuction surgery needs to be performed in an accredited and licensed ambulatory surgical center or a hospital. Hence ensure you choose a recognized hospital or health center like Orange Tree for your cosmetic surgery needs.

Orange Tree is a recognized liposuction surgery hospital in South Delhi. Visit the website more details. You can even contact the center and find out everything you should know before considering it such as cost, procedure details and the time for recovery.

Cosmetic Surgery Worldwide

Cosmetic surgery such as nose cosmetic surgery, gynecomastia surgery, breast implant surgery or body contouring surgery, etc focuses on aesthetic changes to a person’s appearance with the intent of improving the way they look and appear. The key benefit of this medical practice is that it helps improve self-esteem levels thus allowing the person to lead a happier life post-surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is a prime global enterprise and some of the biggest countries in cosmetic surgery may surprise you. According to a global survey, The United States tops the international chart in cosmetic surgery, with almost 4 -5 million (approx) people going under the knife or needle, followed by Brazil with more than 2 million (approx) procedures, while China and India lead closely behind. Other countries where cosmetic surgery is popular are Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea.

The most common and highly demanding cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation, the enlarging of breasts by inserting implants, followed by liposuction surgery ( a procedure that removes fat from unwanted areas of the body) and Rhinoplasty surgery (a nose reshaping surgery).

Women all over the world are by far the biggest consumers in the cosmetic surgery market, making up almost 90 percent (approx) of all procedures in the world. While men have just started taking advantage of the latest innovations in cosmetic surgery in order to look and feel their best.

Interestingly, the ratio of Indian clients opting for cosmetic surgeries is increasing every year. You will find many foreigners traveling to India for physical perfection. Today India stands equal to other countries in terms of medical technology, expertise, facilities, quality, staff, and equipment. Moreover, with affordable costing and a huge number cosmetic surgery hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other parts of the country – India tends to become one of the most preferred destinations for Medical Tourism for cosmetic surgery for people all over the world.

Try Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi

Nose surgery sometimes referred to as “nose reshaping” or a “nose job,” is basically a surgery done to enhance the shape of the nose for cosmetic purposes as well as sometimes to improve breathing problem. Rhinoplasty surgery can increase or reduce the size of your nose, change the shape of the nose tip or the bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip. It may also be performed to correct a birth defect or injury caused by any accident.

Candidates Who Can Opt For Rhinoplasty Surgery
If you’re physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty surgery. At times age may also be a consideration. Most surgeons prefer not to operate on youngsters until they are around 18-20 yrs – for girls, and a bit later for boys.

Consult Your Doctor before Planning Your Nose Surgery
Before planning a nose surgery you need to have good communication with your physician. In your initial consultation visit, the surgeon will evaluate the structure of your nose and face, and discuss the possibilities with you. The surgeon will also discuss the factors that can influence the procedure and the results. The structure of your nasal bones and cartilage, the shape of your face, the thickness of your skin, your age, and your expectations, etc- each and every aspect will be considered before performing the Nose Job surgery.

However, ensure you inform your surgeon if you’ve had any kind of nose surgery previously or if you’ve had any injury to your nose, even if it was many years ago. You should also tell your surgeon if you have any allergies or breathing difficulties; if you’re taking any medications, vitamins, or recreational drugs; and if you smoke.

Orange Tree is one such health center that performs the best Rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi. The center has the finest surgeon with the best expertise in the field of Rhinoplasty surgery. The surgeons will explain to you the techniques he/she will use, the type of facility where the surgery will be performed, the risks and costs involved, and any options you may have.

Basic Steps of Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a popular nose cosmetic surgery in Delhi and worldwide around. Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee) surgery is usually performed on the nose. The main aim of Rhinoplasty surgery is to change the appearance of the nose or to improve a patient’s breathing problems.

A nose job is usually done as an outpatient procedure, meaning there is no overnight stay needed. A general Rhinoplasty surgery procedure is explained step-wise in this section below:

Step 1
Initially, the doctor will prescribe some medications for you, so that you feel comfortable during the surgical procedure. You will get local or general anaesthesia first. With local anaesthesia, you will be sedated and your nose will be numbed so you are relaxed and unable to feel the pain. On the other hand, with general anaesthesia, you’ll sleep through the operation. However, your Rhinoplasty surgeon will advise which is the best choice for you as per your comfort level.

Step 2
The Incision
The incision may be done inside your nose or through a small external cut at the base of your nose, between your nostrils. Through these incisions, the surgeon will readjust the bone and cartilage underneath your skin allowing access to reshape the structure of the nose.

Step 3
Reshaping the Nose Structure
An overly large nose may be reduced by removing bone or cartilage. Sometimes surgery of the nose may require the addition of cartilage grafts.
Most commonly, cartilage from the septum, the partition in the middle of the nose, is used for this purpose. Occasionally cartilage from the ear or rarely a section of rib cartilage can be used.

Step 4
Correcting a Deviated Septum
If the septum is deviated, it is corrected and straightened for better airflow through your nose.

Step 5
Closing the Incision
After these changes are made and the underlying structure of the nose is sculpted to the desired shape the surgeon re-drapes the nose’s skin and tissue back, and closes the incisions of your nose.

Step 6
Final stage
After the Rhinoplasty surgery is completed, splinting of the nasal bones is done with thermoplastic splints(in case of osteotomy for wide nasal dorsum). Internal silicone nasal splints is also applied when deviated nasal septum is corrected.

After coming out of anesthesia, you’ll be kept in a recovery room, where the staff will monitor your health. If you come across any other health issues, you might have to stay overnight, else the surgeon may allow you to leave for the day.

Things to Remember
If you are planning to do a Rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi or elsewhere in the neighbourhood ensure you opt for a surgeon who has a good reputation among patients and other doctors. Look for a plastic surgeon who has extensive training and work experience in best rhinoplasty surgery so that he can explain to you in understandable terms what is going to happen during your surgery. Moreover, make sure that your surgery will be performed in an accredited surgical facility or hospital.

Men Opting For Breast Reduction Surgery

The medical term for enlarged male breasts is gynecomastia. Though you may not hear much about this condition, studies show it is very common and may affect as many as 40% to 60% percent of men to varying ages throughout their lives.

This deformity is usually caused due to hormonal imbalance at puberty, however, majority of the enlarged breast gland at puberty go away with time. In a small percentage of patients the breast gland can continue to remain enlarged in spite of a normal hormonal profile. Gynecomastia can also be caused by consumption of certain types of prescribed drugs such as steroids. 

According to studies, women confidently undergo cosmetic surgery, regardless of age. Men, on the other hand, shy away from cosmetic surgery initially — especially for something that’s as potentially embarrassing as enlarged  breasts.  In fact, to overcome the stigma of gynecomastia surgery, majority will take to extensive gymnasium work out while others would go  to such extremes such as use of duct tape to flatten the chest or use of compression garments that compress their chests.

However, today the good news is that male breast reduction surgery is winning wider acceptance all over the world. According to medical research around 2016 – 2018, approximately 27,760 men underwent breast-reduction surgery.  And despite arelatively higher cost of the procedure, the demand for gynecomastia surgery has doubled over the years. 

Today men want to migrate towards what’s considered the ideal male figure, which also includes overdeveloped breasts. And Orange Tree Health is one such medical center that takes pride in offering this gynecomastia surgery to men. Orange Tree Health has one of the best gynecomastia surgeon in DelhiHighly qualified and well- experienced, Dr. Sajal Halder believe in the power of plastic surgery  not just to look better, but to feel better as well

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