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With continuous development in technology, hair transplant surgery is the most effective option for restoring hair in today’s fast-moving world. The procedure is your one-stop lifetime solution, maintenance-free, and is a reliable remedy for androgenic alopecia or genetic baldness. At Orange Tree, one of the most reputed hair transplant clinic, it is possible to get rid of baldness hair with our cutting-edge technology under the expertise of our surgeon. If you are suffering from baldness and have tried and failed in multiple other methods, a hair transplant may be an ideal solution for you. If you are suffering from hair loss and don’t have bald areas then medical treatment for hair loss may be the better option as a hair transplant does not prevent hair loss. Consult with the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi at Orange Tree before making any decision. 


A successful hair transplant surgery performed by an experienced hair transplant surgeon in Delhi can help get rid of the bald area of the scalp and convert it into fully regrown hair. The process of the surgery involves the doctor taking healthy grafts of hair with hair follicles from one part and relocating them to the bald area of the head. Each graft, containing hair follicles extracted from the donor area, is an essential component of the hair transplantation process is carefully transplanted by the surgeon into the scalp in the recipient area to match the patient’s previous hair growth pattern, where the new hair continue to grow as usually grow. This procedure is carried out in regular hair transplant clinics, armed with operating theatres, cutting rooms, implant rooms, patient rooms, etc.

The whole hair transplant procedure has an interesting history. The science of hair transplant is about 80 years old and it has been demonstrated without doubt that if done properly hair transplant surgery gives very satisfying results. The trick lies in the expertise and finesse of the hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. First done in the 1930s by Japanese surgeons, the art and science have evolved significantly to the present-day surgery giving you natural hair with no complications. In this surgery, hair roots are harvested from the permanent zone of the scalp, beard, and body and implanted in the balding areas. Think of it like sowing se66666666eds in a paddy field. In about 6-12 months the implanted roots grow into adult hair just like a tree grows from a seed.

Orange Tree is one of the most recommended hair transplant clinic, we have our best doctors for hair transplant surgeries who have successfully done numerous hair transplant surgeries to date with wonderful results and satisfied patients. So, your search for a hair transplant surgeon in Delhi will end at Orange Tree. 

Our chief surgeon, Dr. Sajal Halder is an expert in his work and has successfully performed 2000+ hair transplant surgery not only in Delhi but in Kolkata and Manipur as well. The entire support team of the hair transplant clinic, Orange Tree, is professional, extremely talented and meticulously works with our doctors to deliver the best of results.

Hair transplant surgery is carried out following different procedures, which are determined, by the extent of the hair loss. The most common procedures include FUT, FUE, and scalp expansion. At the time of the procedure, surgeons carefully choose the method of hair transplant surgery. It may be Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUHT) or a combination of both. The choice of method depends upon the state of hair loss, the place of transplantation of grafts as well as the availability of the donor area. The FUT & FUE hair transplant are differentiated based on the graft extraction/harvesting as the way of harvesting the grafts also determines the success of the hair transplant surgery. The involvement of strip excision is introduced in the FUT technique gives several grafts to cover the highest grade of baldness with sustainable hair roots, whereas the FUE technique involves the dynamic punching extraction that does not consider the compatible technique for getting the highest number of grafts to achieve the aesthetic remarks of the procedure. Get in touch with the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

After the harvesting/extracting, both procedures FU hair transplant and FUE hair transplant are very similar. Both procedures are painless if performed well. FUE procedure is generally for hair transplant on areas like eyebrows, mustache, beard, chest, and eyelashes and to cover up fewer bald patches too. FU hair transplant is the only way out to cover high-grade baldness. This approach creates a seamless transition with results that look completely natural and undetectable.

A newly performed hair transplant surgery artistically placed complements the natural growth of the hairline and facial features, giving the patient the most natural-looking results post hair transplant surgery by the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

Apart from changing the complete facial look with hair growth, a hair transplant is ideal for concealing bald patches, spotted marks, burnt skin, and accidental scars as well.
The procedure of hair transplant surgery in India is becoming very popular especially because of the availability of technology and cost-effectiveness. The Orange Tree hair transplant clinic also provides the best available technology, the most convenient locations, and a world-class team of experts, under the leadership of the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.