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Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration in the Best Clinic in Delhi, Kolkata, and Manipur

Hair Restoration

For hair fall and baldness, hair restoration is the pick of the hour, which ensures rejuvenated hair growth. Hair loss is not a concern anymore for thousands of people since they are opting for hair transplant and deriving incredible hair growth results. People are taking advantage of the devel-opment of science and technology- they are going for hair restoration in Delhi, Kolkata, and Ma-nipur; and they are benefiting from the treatment. For your worries related to hair loss and bald-ness, hair transplant is the key. Whether you want to opt for hair restoration in Manipur or in Delhi and Kolkata, get in touch with the best of doctors. Now, do not worry about your baldness. Get your hair restored and move ahead with style and confidence!


Any such procedure starts with a detailed consultation with the surgeon. On the day of the pro-cedure, after detailed planning and marking of the hairline, the surgeon shall clean your scalp and inject anesthesia. Generally, there are two methods for transplant: follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS or FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). In the FUSS or FUT procedure, the surgeon will remove skin from the scalp and sew it closed. This area is then covered by hair. Dividing the scalp strip into tiny grafts or follicular units, an individual hair graft is implanted on the bald area. Hair graft numbers required for hair restoration depend on hair type, color, quality, and size of the transplant area. In the FUE procedure, the back of the scalp of is trimmed to 1-2mm It is followed by removing hair follicles with the help of motorised hair punching system. The area is then healed with small dots, which are covered by existing hair. Sometimes, another procedure is recommended later for few some patients. The procedure mostly takes a few hours and it is done on an out-patient basis.

How Orange Tree is best for the hair restoration treatment?

Orange Tree offers the best care as far as hair restoration treatment is concerned. For the best re-sults, Orange Tree appoints the best in class practitioners. Not just this, it also has well-equipped clinics to make the surgeries successful and offer the most appropriate care to the patients. If you are looking for the best hair clinic in Kolkata, Delhi, and Manipur, Orange Tree hair restoration centre will give you the best hair transplant treatment. It brings together advanced medical infra-structure and experienced hair transplant surgeons to deliver the best care to patients.By extend-ing the right follow up assistance, we are here to make the process simple, comfortable and grati-fying. Reach out to us for the best hair clinic in Manipur, Delhi or Kolkata. We offer what you desire!

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