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Pilonidal Sinus

Best Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Delhi, Kolkata and Manipur

Pilonidal sinus presents as a hole or a tunnel beneath the skin at the upper end buttock fold. Patient will notice a painful lump or swelling in the upper end of the midline groove between the butt which is due to infection. You will often notice a painful red swelling in the midline upper back. Sometimes, you may note pus coming out form the swelling. Pilonidal can sometime be confused with other perianal problems such as fistula. You should consult the best surgeon in your locality. The surgeon for the treatment of pilonidal sinus in Delhi, Kolkata or Manipur will first evaluate the condition and depending on the severity, the surgery is planned.


If the patient is presenting with abscess, the drainage of abscess is done followed by course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and dressings. Once the abscess is healed, the definitive treatment of pilonidal sinus is done. The surgical treatment of the pilonidal sinus is excision of the sinus followed by closure. If the defect is big, then the best plastic surgeon's expertise is needed. The cause of pilonidal sinus is often attributed to ingrowing of hairs. So recurrence of such problem is often prevented by permanent hair reduction in the area. At Orange tree aesthetic centre, best laser reduction is done by Diode or NdYag laser machines. Other attributable causes of pliilonidal sinus are friction, pressure and tight underwear and they all should preferably be avoided.