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Neck and Double Chin

Best Liposuction of Neck and Double Chin Correction Clinic in India

Fat bulge in the lower face and upper neck area is a cause of concern in obesity and uncommonly in non obese people. What is bothering to these individual? Fatty bulge which visible below the chin and sometimes it extend unto the neck with loss of neck angle. At Orange Tree cosmetic surgery clinic, we often will have middle aged patients requesting for double chin correction or neck rejuvenation or creation of a good neck angle.


Careful examination is very important and the best cosmetic surgeon for Neck and Double Chin liposuction has to decide doing liposuction alone or combining it with platysmoraphy. If fat under the platysma muscle is present, it has to be removed by lipectomy underneath the platysma along tumescent liposuction in front of the platysma. The procedure is done under local or general anesthesia. Planning a liposuction in the sub mental area will require the head to fall back a bit so that hyperextension at neck is achieved. A small incision is given in the sub mental area. Tumescent solution is injected in the fatty plane from the jawline to the mid neck level. Liposuction is done using a 2 or 3 mm cannula. Platysmoraphy or plication of the platysma muscle is also done when the platysma muscle is weak. Post procedure chin strap needs to be applied for 3-4 weeks. Few patients with excessive skin laxity also need skin excision surgery. Bruising is a common occurrence following surgery which subsides by 2-3 weeks. Sometime, monopolar RF tightening of the skin is additionally done.

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