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Best Clinic for Arm Liposuction in India

Arm fat deposit is a prime concern in females. Arm fatty bulge can either appear as a part of a presentation in obesity or it can also at times present as an isolated area. In cases of massive weight loss following lifestyle change or Bariatric surgery, the patient often present with significant hanging skin fold along with fatty bulge. The axillary fatty bulge is also commonly associated with the fatty bulge in the arms. Often, the arm and the axillary bulge is a major limiting factor in wearing the desired dresses.


Arm Lipo is the procedure of choice in removing the excess arm fat. The procedure is done through a small cut in the hidden crease just above the elbow and a small cut in the Axillary fold. The technique used is a combination of tumuscent liposuction and use ultrasonic energy or vaser liposuction. The best arm liposuction technique is a balance of adequate fat removal with smooth contour all around. It includes upper arm liposuction, armpit fat liposuction. The procedure can be done either by local or General Anesthesia. It's a day care procedure, and you will be discharged around 2-3 hrs following the best liposuction arm reduction. The compression garment is applied to compress the skin to the structures beneath. Few follow up visit are required in a week's time. Common side effects following arm liposuction are bruising, contour irregularity, and discharge.

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