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Body Countouring

Body contouring surgery is a body reshaping surgery which brings about the desired shape and curve in your body. The procedure involves removal of excess fat and skin. Abdomen and the lower back are the most common body parts that require body contouring surgery. Thigh, arms, breasts, and face are the other areas where body contouring surgery is commonly done. Ideally, this procedure gives the best body contouring surgery result in a patient with stable weight and healthy BMI. Following massive weight loss either with lifestyle changes or bariatric surgery, there is significant sagging of skin which is quite disturbing. Post-bariatric plastic surgery reconstruction becomes almost a necessity in such a situation.

If you desire the best body reshaping surgery, you should look for the best plastic surgeon with immense surgical expertise with body contouring surgery. Best post-bariatric plastic surgery reconstruction is a specialized plastic surgery domain. A detailed assessment of the patient is done by our best body contouring plastic surgeons in Delhi. The patient should be a non-smoker, his weight shouldn’t fluctuate and more importantly, he or she should have a realistic goal. The main goal of body contouring surgery is to achieve the best body contours with scars which are either hidden or placed along the crease line. These surgical procedures are done under anaesthesia with a hospital stay.

Orange Tree Health is one of the best centres for body contouring surgery in Delhi. With the help of best-qualified surgeons, the team aims to improve the quality of healthcare at an affordable cost.