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Evaluation of Personality Perception in Men Before and After Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Evaluation of Personality Perception in Men Before and After Facial Cosmetic Surgery

In today’s contemporary world, the modern man feels the need to focus on his facial features. While traditional facial cosmetic surgery was targeted towards women and their need to stay youthful, men are now trending towards using these means to remain competitive.

With age, wrinkles begin their appearance, along with skin sagging, heavy eyelids, and more, giving men an unhealthy and worn look. With a few touch-ups, men too can tackle age showing on their face and feel younger.

JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery published a study in their journal on the evaluation of personality perception in men before and after facial cosmetic surgery. Here are the details of the study for your understanding of why male cosmetic surgeries are trending.


What Was the Aim of the Study?

The study on ‘Evaluation of personality perception in men before and after facial cosmetic surgery’ was conducted by leading medical professionals and doctors in the cosmetic industry. The study aimed to prove that facial features play a crucial role for men when it comes to confidence, attractiveness, and youthfulness. It looked at the association of cosmetic surgery in perceiving men’s masculinity and personality traits.

The study was conducted in collaboration with Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC, and Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. It involved 24 male candidates undergoing facial cosmetic surgery and willingly participating in a survey to determine perception changes before and after surgeries. The average age of these patients was 50 years.

The survey was conducted via Survey Monkey and provided participants with a 7-point Likert scale to remark on candidates based on their photographs. Survey takers had to look at personality traits (likeability, aggression, trustworthiness, risk-seeking, extroversion, and sociability), masculinity, and attractiveness.

There were around 150 participants, mostly men between the age of 25-34 years, who responded to the survey. They were unaware of the reason behind the study and were only told to rate the patients. The survey monitored and controlled every cosmetic change and allowed participants to rate based on every surgery performed.

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What Was the Outcome of the Study?

The result of the survey was as predicted. The survey participants gave a positive rating for the post-surgery pictures. When all the facial cosmetic surgeries were reviewed together, the patients’ scores saw a significant increase. In terms of individual surgeries, here are the results-

  • Upper Blepharoplasty (eyelid)- increased trustworthiness and likability in patients
  • Lower Blepharoplasty – decreased the perception of risk-seeking in patients.
  • Face-lift – increased the perception of likability and trustworthiness.
  • Neck-lift – increased the perception of masculinity and extroversion.
  • Rhinoplasty– improved attractiveness and likability.


The Roman scholar Marcus Cicero once said, “All action is of the mind, and the mirror of the mind, is the face.” It means that a person’s face is the first thing you notice, and you can tell by their personality by their appearance. Although people today have tried to speak against this notion, the survey conducted said otherwise. The results were a clear indication of how men who underwent facial cosmetic surgery were perceived differently post their surgery.


Benefits of Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Men

  • Smoothens Wrinkles and Tightens Skin

With age, skin tends to lose its elasticity causing your facial skin to sag with drooping eyelids and loose jawline. Wrinkles and loose skin can make you look older and tired. Cosmetic surgery can help remove your wrinkles and tighten your falling skin, giving you a vibrant, youthful look.


  • Rebuilds Lost Muscle Tone

Your facial muscles lose their tone with age, and you can rebuild them with the help of cosmetic surgery. From your eyes to your jawline, re-toning muscles gives your face a bright new look with a shaped face.

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  • Boosts Confidence with Younger Look

When you look good, you feel good, and it automatically elevates your confidence levels. Facial cosmetic surgery can help boost your confidence and mindset making you more social and opening new prospects.

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Gone are the days when men shied away from make-up or uplifting their faces. The new-age metro-man wants to always stay in the game, and facial cosmetic surgery is the way forward. Men can now get rid of the wrinkles, work on their loose skin, and regain their attractiveness and confidence.

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