Do you need Gynecomastia Surgery? 7 Ways You Can Be Certain

Many men are confused about whether or not they are suffering from Gynecomastia and should they go for the Gynecomastia Surgery!

Gynecomastia is a condition in men in which the breast tissues and fat gets deposited on the chest, breast gland may also grow in size and have a similar appearance to female breasts. Nipples may also appear more prominent. Men who want to build up their body muscles often consume protein powders with steroid or inject it into their body. As these steroids break down into estrogen, this stimulates the breast enlargement in men. They are struggling with Hormone- Stimulated Gynecomastia but are unable to find the reason for this overdevelopment. During the teenage period, hormones in the human body go in overdrive. This might also be the reason for the development of breasts in boys.

As you are right now reading this blog, you might want to know whether or not you have Gynecomastia and need surgical treatment. So here are the 7 ways you can be certain:

1. Teenage Gynecomastia didn’t go away– As said earlier there is the influence of both male and female hormones in the body, which leads to Teenage Gynecomastia. Breast tissue growth during puberty usually settles down on its own in 6 months or maximum in 2 years. If a male has carried this condition on to his adulthood, it is a case of true Gynecomastia. This can be corrected through Male Breast Reduction Surgery at Orange Tree.

2. Pain and swelling– In some cases, the breast may not look overdeveloped, but there is constant pain and swelling in the breast region. It is time for you to visit an experienced doctor to consult regarding this. This breast pain and swelling can be because of Gynecomastia or an indication of Breast Cancer. Yes, men can also develop Breast Cancer! It is better to be sure and get the appropriate treatment in time.

3. Nipple discharge from one or both breasts– This discharge can be of any color or consistency and is a signal that indicates something is not right in the body.

4. Sagging breasts and erect nipples– Are your nipples showing through your shirt or t-shirt? If you notice that you have developed sagging breasts and it is prominently visible under any piece of clothing, it is time to consult a specialist. There can also be tenderness around the chest region. Gynecomastia can be caused due to growing age and a decrease in testosterone level in the body.

5. Self-consciousness or embarrassment due to overdeveloped breasts– We have discussed on the physical or the visible signs to prove that you need Gynecomastia treatment. But it must be that you, your parents or people around you are not aware of this condition. But you feel embarrassed and had been teased to have ‘Man Boobs’. We understand that this condition can impact the mind of a teenager and even adult men who feel conscious among their peers.

6. Limiting Social Interactions– As there are a lot of gender prejudices in our society, men often don’t want to discuss the issue of their breast overgrowth, pain and discomfort they might be going through because of Gynecomastia. This tends to limit their social interactions. Gynecomastia starts affecting their social life!

7. Uneven appearance of breasts– If you notice that one side of the breast area looks bigger than the other side, then the only option to get this uneven distribution corrected is through Gynecomastia Surgery.
Gynecomastia can sometime be an indication of some underlying problem in the body. Our Chief Cosmetic Surgeon at Orange Tree advises to immediately consult a specialist to diagnose the cause of Gynecomastia. Once the causes are excluded, the patient is planned for the cosmetic surgery of the male breast.. Here at Orange Tree Male Breast Reduction surgery is done to correct Enlarged Male Breasts. It is the surgical removal of fat and the gland. This surgery is a combination of liposuction and breast gland excision through a tiny cut. Our best gynecomastia surgeon in Manipur, Kolkata, and Delhi explains the procedure in details to the patients.

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