How Orange Tree Clinic is Unique and Advanced for Best Hair Transplant

Our hair transplant programme is dedicated for the highest quality hair transplant. We ensure that the best hair transplant harvest is restricted to the permanent zone of donor area. We always restrict the harvest to approximately 3000-4000 grafts from the back of the scalp in a single sitting. The following factors add to our uniqueness.

  1. We have been doing direct hair transplant which simply means simultaneous harvest and transplantation. One team does the harvest and the other team does the hair implantation. This reduces the out of the body time significantly and as a result we are able to get high survival of the grafts.
  2. The hairline design is natural, irregular and feathery taking care of any pre-existing peaks. In addition to the irregularity, we add a few random placements of single follicular grafts to achieve a more natural looking hairline. The temporal area hair transplant requires a very acute angled insertion of grafts.
  3. In many cases of severe baldness, design has to be much customised as there is a limited donor hair. The hairline is taken higher and the more number of grafts are placed in the area of concern depending on the pattern of parting of hair and direction of curl.
  4. We have introduced new instrumentation and modification of steps so as such as to achieve a higher graft survival and shorten the hair transplant procedure time. Less time of hair transplant achieves a high satisfactory level.

Our hair transplant centers in Delhi, Kolkata & Manipur has shown results of a very less shedding of hair which has been transplanted. The growth of the transplanted hair is faster and majority of the patient will find reasonable hair growth by 4-5 months. Our experience with beard donor hair transplant is even better. The fall is almost negligible. We are routinely doing other area body hair transplant very frequently.

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