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We all know that dense, shiny and long hair enhances the overall beauty of a person. Hair is one of the most important elements of the body. As much as the long and dense mane boosts confidence, loss of hair is equally depressing. Hair loss is an extremely heart-wrenching fact with millions of people suffering across the globe. This condition may cause severe effects on a person’s emotional & mental health. Hair fall causes a drastic change in the overall outer appearance and it most certainly breaks the confidence of the person. It gets worse as this condition does not have any age restrictions; which means anyone from any age group can suffer from hair loss.

There are various factors leading to hair loss, out of which few may be genetic and few may happen due to a wide range of lifestyle and medical reasons. Understanding hair loss and its causes in a patient is of primary importance. Let’s reflect upon various signs and symptoms of hair loss.


Symptoms to recognize hair fall may differ from person to person, some of which are listed below:

  1. Sudden Hair Loss – There are situations such as mental, physical or emotional trauma, or weather changes, medical/health conditions, intake of certain medication or dietary changes; all of which can cause the hair to loosen. If you experience blobs of hair falling out while combing, washing or tying your hair, it can possibly be an alarm to reflect on your lifestyle and overall health. Any extreme must be registered and consulted with an expert.
  2. Slow Thinning of Hair Around the Crown Area – This is one of the most common symptoms largely seen in the male and female population. Thinning of hair can be recognized by identifying receding hairline which is largely seen in men, or broadening of the hairline in women. This symptom often leads to emotional distress and calls for attention.
  3. Circular Bald Patches – There are people who experience small circular bald spots or bald patches on their head. This may lead to an itchy or painful scalp right before the hair falls out of that region. These bald patches can even happen around the brow, moustache or beard area. Consulting a good doctor must be of priority.
  4. Scaling Patches on the Scalp – This symptom may indicate the presence of ringworm. It is a concerning condition as it leads to scaling patches being spread across the scalp in a short span. Mostly this sign of hair fall is accompanied by swelling and redness of the scalp region, broken and brittle hair or oozing scalp surface. If so, consult an expert at the earliest, is suggested.
  5. Overall Body Hair Loss – This symptom is mostly a sign of severe health condition or medical treatments such as heavy dosages of antibiotics, chemotherapy, or exposure to other radiation therapies. Often the lost hair grows back to normal.

Each of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms must be taken into serious consideration. If found suffering from any of the these, consulting an expert doctor is mandatory. Facing hair loss can be very strenuous and taxing to the patient, and this can be a signal of an underlying medical condition which needs immediate attention.

In our next blog, we will discuss the causes and different cures & treatments for hair fall.

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