Guidance in Selecting the Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in India

Selection of the right or best cosmetic and hair transplant clinic in India is often a nightmarish experience. There is a mushrooming of such clinics in all over the cities and the numbers of clinic are increasing every day, specifically in Delhi, Manipur and Kolkata. It’s not uncommon to find that most of these clinics do not have dedicated cosmetic surgeons or dermatologist. So, how do you select the right clinic? The following factors will guide you to the right place in case you are puzzled and confused:

  1. The clinic should preferably be owned and run by well qualified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. Cosmetic surgery procedures are best evaluated and performed by top cosmetic plastic surgeon. Therefore, if you want any cosmetic surgery, you should rather visit a best plastic surgeon who is well trained in cosmetic surgery.
  2. Skin related problem falls under the realms of dermatologist and therefore, you should rather visit a centre with a well qualified dermatologist. You need to remember that conditions such as rashes, skin lesion, whitish patch, blisters plaques require dermatologist’s expertise.
  3. Hair related problem is treated both by hair restoration specialist (plastic surgeon, dermatologist, other surgical disciplines). Hair transplant is a very specialised surgical procedure and it needs years of training to master the best hair transplant techniques. In addition to surgeon’s expert hair transplant skills, the clinic should also be blessed with experienced and dedicated hair transplant assistants. Advanced instrumentations is also very important for the best hair transplant result. So how will you know that the clinic you have selected will meet all the above mentioned criteria?You should find out the following details form the clinic:
    1. the credentials of the hair transplant surgeon.
    2. Did he have specialised hair transplant training?
    3. Has he done adequate number of hair transplant procedure? How are his results?
    4. See the picture gallery with emphasis in the hairline and density.
    5. Talk to his operated hair loss patients and if possible meet them in person to get a real feedback. Try to get engaged to the team of hair transplant assistants.
    6. Make sure your hair transplant surgeon is involved in each step of your hair transplant procedure- hairline making, FUE hair graft extraction, hair implantation, good hairline design, nice whorl design in the crown, feathering of hairline and good density. Many clinics have flying technicians doing the cases and the result obviously becomes unpredictable. Don’t take the hair transplant procedure lightly as the donor hairs in your scalp is limited and therefore is priceless. You decision shouldn’t let the donor hair go waste.
  4. Laser procedure is dependent both on the laser specialist doctors and the quality of the laser machine. You should always enquire about the type and make of the laser machine.

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    and at that moment i feel really frustrating and it falls me into depression, as we all know our face is the only essential to enhance our beauty and if he got some unwanted spots it will decrease your all beauty, thanks to the dermatologist that helps me in this treatment

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  3. Thanks for providing attractive and engaging information about Guidance in Selecting the Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in India.

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