Cosmetic Surgery in India

Consciously or subconsciously our culture is changing as to how humans feel they should look. There is increasing pressure to look young and beautiful, especially for women, who are still more likely to be judged on appearances. And people believe they will be happier and more successful if they conform more closely to these cultural norms. This is why; the world of cosmetic surgery is rapidly growing day by day. Whether it is rhinoplasty, hair restoration, breast cosmetic surgery, or liposuction surgery— many people in India and across the globe are resorting to cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is no longer limited to celebrities and wealthy socialites. It is gaining wide acceptance and interest amongst the common people as well, thanks to media as well as the infomercial ads promoting the latest age-defying cosmetic surgical methods. Indians are gradually moving beyond cosmetic products. The obsession today is with perfection, say cosmetic surgeons. As a result, an increasing number of young Indians, especially in the 18 to 25 age group (approx), are now going under the knife. Men preferably go for breast reduction surgery and hair transplant. While women opt for surgeries the liposuction surgery (fat removal surgery) and rhinoplasty (nose cosmetic surgery).

As per studies, India ranks 4th in the world for the number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed after USA, Brazil and South Korea. The country is a breeding hub for aesthetic surgeries with lakhs of procedures being conducted annually, and the number is expected to increase gradually in the coming years. Today, you will find numerous hospitals in India offering safe cosmetic surgery treatments. Orange Tree is one of the leading Cosmetic surgery clinic that offers various kinds of cosmetic surgery. The center has the best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi. Highly qualified Cosmetic Plastic surgeons are known for their skill and expertise. Not only are they trained at best medical institutes, the experienced surgeons are also kind and affectionate towards their clients. The team offers the best treatment and helps individuals get a healthier and impactful look.

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