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Breast lift procedure or mastopexy is removing the excess skin causing the droopy breasts situation, and further giving a natural lift to enhance the shape of the breasts, make them look proportionate, perky and firmer. In this procedure, the nipples are raised to form a perfect and proportionate angle. This also helps in correcting the position and size of the areolas. Breast reduction procedure is different from breast lift surgery as the primary objective in breast reduction surgery is to remove excess breast tissue and achieve the desired volume and shape of breast.

1. Breast Lift procedures at Orange Tree Health is performed with the utmost care and a thorough round of prior counselling and consultation.

2. Our board-certified plastic surgeon and cosmetologist Dr. Sajal Halder along with his team of experts analyse the patient’s area of concern thoroughly and determine the further course of action.

3. The patient is administered anaesthesia to ensure her comfort throughout the procedure.

4. The markings are generally done before or after anaesthesia is administered, followed by incisions. These incisions are of three types and are made as per the requirement of the region of treatment.

5. The doctor will then reshape the area by removing excess skin, adjusting the nipples or the areolas and giving it a natural lift for a firmer and perkier look.

6. The doctor then closes the incisions made while removing all excess skin at once.

The results of a breast lift procedure are instantly visible. But, always listen to your surgeon. Follow all care tips provided by your surgeon. Keep up with a healthy diet and mild exercises as instructed by your doctor. Let the surgical wounds heal completely before taking on life too excitingly or seriously!

At Orange Tree Health,  with our award-winning team of experts and best cosmetic surgeons, we offer the most satisfying best mastopexy or breast lift procedure. With a high rate of client satisfaction for all our services, we proudly boast of quality treatments and procedures. At our centres, we have the best dermatologist and best cosmetologist in Delhi-NCR, Manipur and Kolkata. Our facility has end-to-end consultations, pre & post-treatment care options and an array of other services benefiting your overall aesthetics requirements.

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