Cosmetic Surgery Worldwide

Cosmetic surgery such as nose cosmetic surgery, gynecomastia surgery, breast implant surgery or body contouring surgery, etc focuses on aesthetic changes to a person’s appearance with the intent of improving the way they look and appear. The key benefit of this medical practice is that it helps improve self-esteem levels thus allowing the person to lead a happier life post-surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is a prime global enterprise and some of the biggest countries in cosmetic surgery may surprise you. According to a global survey, The United States tops the international chart in cosmetic surgery, with almost 4 -5 million (approx) people going under the knife or needle, followed by Brazil with more than 2 million (approx) procedures, while China and India lead closely behind. Other countries where cosmetic surgery is popular are Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea.

The most common and highly demanding cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation, the enlarging of breasts by inserting implants, followed by liposuction surgery ( a procedure that removes fat from unwanted areas of the body) and Rhinoplasty surgery (a nose reshaping surgery).

Women all over the world are by far the biggest consumers in the cosmetic surgery market, making up almost 90 percent (approx) of all procedures in the world. While men have just started taking advantage of the latest innovations in cosmetic surgery in order to look and feel their best.

Interestingly, the ratio of Indian clients opting for cosmetic surgeries is increasing every year. You will find many foreigners traveling to India for physical perfection. Today India stands equal to other countries in terms of medical technology, expertise, facilities, quality, staff, and equipment. Moreover, with affordable costing and a huge number cosmetic surgery hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other parts of the country – India tends to become one of the most preferred destinations for Medical Tourism for cosmetic surgery for people all over the world.

Try Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi

Nose surgery sometimes referred to as “nose reshaping” or a “nose job,” is basically a surgery done to enhance the shape of the nose for cosmetic purposes as well as sometimes to improve breathing problem. Rhinoplasty surgery can increase or reduce the size of your nose, change the shape of the nose tip or the bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip. It may also be performed to correct a birth defect or injury caused by any accident.

Candidates Who Can Opt For Rhinoplasty Surgery
If you’re physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty surgery. At times age may also be a consideration. Most surgeons prefer not to operate on youngsters until they are around 18-20 yrs – for girls, and a bit later for boys.

Consult Your Doctor before Planning Your Nose Surgery
Before planning a nose surgery you need to have good communication with your physician. In your initial consultation visit, the surgeon will evaluate the structure of your nose and face, and discuss the possibilities with you. The surgeon will also discuss the factors that can influence the procedure and the results. The structure of your nasal bones and cartilage, the shape of your face, the thickness of your skin, your age, and your expectations, etc- each and every aspect will be considered before performing the Nose Job surgery.

However, ensure you inform your surgeon if you’ve had any kind of nose surgery previously or if you’ve had any injury to your nose, even if it was many years ago. You should also tell your surgeon if you have any allergies or breathing difficulties; if you’re taking any medications, vitamins, or recreational drugs; and if you smoke.

Orange Tree is one such health center that performs the best Rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi. The center has the finest surgeon with the best expertise in the field of Rhinoplasty surgery. The surgeons will explain to you the techniques he/she will use, the type of facility where the surgery will be performed, the risks and costs involved, and any options you may have.

Basic Steps of Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a popular nose cosmetic surgery in Delhi and worldwide around. Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee) surgery is usually performed on the nose. The main aim of Rhinoplasty surgery is to change the appearance of the nose or to improve a patient’s breathing problems.

A nose job is usually done as an outpatient procedure, meaning there is no overnight stay needed. A general Rhinoplasty surgery procedure is explained step-wise in this section below:

Step 1
Initially, the doctor will prescribe some medications for you, so that you feel comfortable during the surgical procedure. You will get local or general anaesthesia first. With local anaesthesia, you will be sedated and your nose will be numbed so you are relaxed and unable to feel the pain. On the other hand, with general anaesthesia, you’ll sleep through the operation. However, your Rhinoplasty surgeon will advise which is the best choice for you as per your comfort level.

Step 2
The Incision
The incision may be done inside your nose or through a small external cut at the base of your nose, between your nostrils. Through these incisions, the surgeon will readjust the bone and cartilage underneath your skin allowing access to reshape the structure of the nose.

Step 3
Reshaping the Nose Structure
An overly large nose may be reduced by removing bone or cartilage. Sometimes surgery of the nose may require the addition of cartilage grafts.
Most commonly, cartilage from the septum, the partition in the middle of the nose, is used for this purpose. Occasionally cartilage from the ear or rarely a section of rib cartilage can be used.

Step 4
Correcting a Deviated Septum
If the septum is deviated, it is corrected and straightened for better airflow through your nose.

Step 5
Closing the Incision
After these changes are made and the underlying structure of the nose is sculpted to the desired shape the surgeon re-drapes the nose’s skin and tissue back, and closes the incisions of your nose.

Step 6
Final stage
After the Rhinoplasty surgery is completed, splinting of the nasal bones is done with thermoplastic splints(in case of osteotomy for wide nasal dorsum). Internal silicone nasal splints is also applied when deviated nasal septum is corrected.

After coming out of anesthesia, you’ll be kept in a recovery room, where the staff will monitor your health. If you come across any other health issues, you might have to stay overnight, else the surgeon may allow you to leave for the day.

Things to Remember
If you are planning to do a Rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi or elsewhere in the neighbourhood ensure you opt for a surgeon who has a good reputation among patients and other doctors. Look for a plastic surgeon who has extensive training and work experience in best rhinoplasty surgery so that he can explain to you in understandable terms what is going to happen during your surgery. Moreover, make sure that your surgery will be performed in an accredited surgical facility or hospital.